Various printing problems

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Inverted elephant.
A flying elephant ? No, just an inverted centerpiece due to a wrong insertion of paper between the green and black printing.

Forgotten paper shred
A forgotten paper shred in the printing press, and this is the result on a pre-printed envelope.

Ink drop
A drop of white ink in a printing press can have desastrous consequences

Double overprint
Double overprint on hungarian stamp

Inverted centerpiece
When the second colour was printed, the paper was put upside down, resulting in an inverted centrepiece.
(ARMENIA - 1922)

Double print
It seems as if there was a serious earthquake at the moment this stamp was printed !

Inverted colour
When one sheet was discoverd with an inverted yellow colour, the US post office decided to print the same number of wrong stamps to avoid speculation.

Multiple prints.
It seems as if there was a serious earthquake at the moment this stamp was printed !

Double print
It seems as if there was a serious earthquake at the moment this stamp was printed !
(SPAIN - )

On gummed side !
As the ink dried too slowly, the design also appears also on the gummed side of the stamp.

Missing countryname
Missing MAGYAR POSTA on the preprinted stamp of this postcard
(HUNGARY - 1994)

Inverted center piece
(SOMALIA - 1903)

Different shape
Moutains with two different shapes in the background
(TANGANYKA - 1961)

On the gummed side
Stamp also printed on the gummed side

Missing background
The design in the backgroud has almost completely disappeared.

Inverted center
Inverted center - a corrected stamp was issued.
(IRAN - 2008)

White dot
An oval white dot can be seen on the value 6d of some of thise stamps.

This variety with a gap in the 80th paralell occurs six times in a sheet.

Missing name
In the second row of a few blocs, the name of the engraver FOLON is missing.
(FRANCE - 1989)

Colour shift
Shifted blue colour
(NORTH KOREA - 1984)

Additional decoration
A black flaw obvious and fully visible as an extra decoration on the soldier's right breast.
(JERSEY - 1971)

Additional spot
Nice variety : additional reflection in vase.
(ROMANIA - 1988)

Missing letter
Initial of the first name of the engraver is missing on on of the stamps.

Additional tooth
A white flaw in Gandhi's mouth appears as a single tooth. This was later retouched.

Miissing letter
Missing D on one stamp of every sheet, correct on the others.

Many problems
Due to a paper shortage, old military maps were use to print stamps on their backside. But a lot of things went wrong : the stamps were printed on the already printed side of a military map, with an inverted black centerpiece.
(UCRAINA - 1920)

Wrong letter or variety ?
Misprint in one of the tabs : DJ instead of DU.

Missing colours
Missing red and black colours.

Missing colours
Missing green and yellow colours.

Changed value
Due to a printing problem, the value of this 10 öre stamp seems to have become 1 cent.
(SWEDEN - 1967)

Moving star
The red star is moving around the side of this ambulance.
(ISRAEL - 1969)

Moving Queen
The Queen seems to be moving around on different stamps of this issue.

Missing part
Preprinted cover with a missing part of the stamp.
(INDIA - )

Preprintedd cover with double die.
(INDIA - 1960)

Colour shift
Colour shift

Colour shift
Colour shift

Diagonal crease
Aerogramme with a big diagonal crease.
(PAKISTAN - 1976)

Double strike
A closer look shows that this stamp has not been overinked, but that a double strike happened during the printing process.

Inverted center
Inverted center, after the prionting of the black colour, a sheet was inverted.

Additional perforation
Shifted colour, and an additional vertical perforation cuts the stamp in two pieces.
(RUSSIA - 1927)

Colour shift
This severe colour shift results in two Santas on one stamp.

Too less ink
If the ink is not urgently refilled, what should have been a preprinted postcard with a postal value will remain ordinary paperware.
(INDIA - )

Disappearing figures
Frama ATM stamp, with 04.00 as face value, as far as wee can see, because half of the figures have disappeared.
(DENMARK - 1991)

Disappearing stamp
The stamp on this preprinted letter card is disappearing.
(INDIA - )

Wrong side
Preprinted envelope with upside down stamp at the wrong side of the envelope.
(INDIA - )

Variety : additional dot between België and Belgique.
(BELGIUM - 1974)

Missing rings
Three olympic rings are missing on some stamps.
(BULGARIA - 1964)

Missing figure
One stamp in a sheet showed 988 instead of 1988 at the bottom right.

Wrong year
Due to an error in the printing plate the birthdate of Händel became 1585 instead of 1685.
(GERMANY - 1935)

Inverted Swiss flag
(LIBERIA - 1956)

Variety : someone in walking in the fields.
(BELGIUM - 1969)

Variety : the black colour is touching the red ball.
(BELGIUM - 1965)

Missing dot
Variety : missing dot on the i of Ekonomisch on some stamps.
(BELGIUM - 1976)

Color variety
Variety : blue and white leaf in the upper left corner.
(ROMANIA - 1975)

Variety : black spot on the cheek.
(BELGIUM - 1966)

Variety : black line above letter.
(BELGIUM - 1976)

Missing stamps
Missing print of a whole stroke on the right side.
(PAKISTAN - 1984)

Missing countryname
This stamp was issued without the country name. This was corrected by an overprint.
(PORTUGAL - 1995)