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     Falling tree
     Not the real one ?
     Flying problems
     Wrong representation
     Vaster than reality !

     Wrong person
     Missing Fathers
     Not the right person
     Twin ships
     Wrong side !

     Wrong shadow
     Against the rules
     Tired farmer.
     Language error
     Missing finger.

     Wrong poles
     Wrong name
     Too big
     Wrong train
     Wrong associations

     Hidden year
     Hidden year
     Wrong map
     Dangerous position
     Nurse or dactylo ?

     Never built
     One too much
     Strange natural resource
     Wrong birthday
     Error in arms of coat

     Construction fault
     Dangerous situation
     Wrong anniversary
     One too much
     Wrong clock.

     Hidden number
     Flag and bay.
     Out of proportion
     And why not ?

     Missing diaeresis
     Strange association
     Wrong flag
     Small detail
     Wrong initials

     Hidden year
     Why not ?
     Incorrect plural
     Hidden signs
     Opposite directions

     Upside down
     Missing hyphen
     Wrong side
     Out of proportion
     Strange wind

     Forgotten continent
     Hidden monkey
     Wrong names
     Wrong disposition
     Missing apostroph

     Missing lasts
     Without engines
     Wrong shape
     Missing branche

     Missing inscription
     Missing letter
     Hidden signs
     Hidden year
     Missing lane

     Wrong location