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     Wrong date
     Pfennige or Pfennig ?
     Pfennige or Pfennig ?
     Wrong capital letter
     Dfutsches Reich

     Strange airplane
     Without clothes
     Short instead of long S
     Free horses.
     Quite dangerous !

     Not accurate
     Wireless phone
     Wrong year

     Olympic flame
     Inverted image.
     Not quite correct
     Two errors

     Rising sun.
     Strange illustration
     Inverted cross
     Wrong coat of arms
     Broken sunrays

     Missing finger.
     Bad restauration.
     In the middle
     Wrong paper
     Wrong illustration

     Wrong figure.
     Error in name
     Many errors

     Geese with ears
     Happy bird !
     Wrong proof.
     Mirror image
     Stamp with error stamp

     Missing crown
     Hidden dictator
     Other dess.

     Snow White
     Six years later
     Moving colors.
     Strange mirror
     Hidden Hitler head ?

     Other dress.
     One year too early
     Dangerous bus.
     Strange wind.
     Noisy restaurant

     Other dress.
     Wrong letter
     Missing ornaments
     Technical error.
     Wrong portrait

     Not accurate
     Wrong commemoration
     Upside down.
     Wrong representation

     Little mistake
     Not crossed
     Two missing countries
     Artist's licence ?
     Bad copy

     Missing dot
     New planet
     Missing wheels.
     One too less.

     Mirror portrait.
     Wrong hours
     Inverted colours
     Too much stars
     Missing stick

     Wrong birthdate
     Wrong resistor.
     Wrong period
     Missing dot
     Wrong bird

     Wrong team
     Not allowed
     Error in name
     Two différences
     Contrary winds

     Missing crew
     Missing windows.
     Small difference
     Strange wind

     New musical composition
     Wrong location
     Wrong year
     Different blue
     Wrong direction

     Not efficient
     A music score with six lines ?
     Strange car.
     Wrong lane
     Wrong stamp

     Useless rifle.
     Wrong city.
     Wrong design.
     Dangerous transportation
     Bad design.

     Wrong year
     Missing parts
     Not clear message
     Missing island
     Wrong figures

     Inverted colours
     Too many stars
     Missing value
     Strange winds
     Wrong direction

     Wrong shadow
     Missing countries
     Wrong tower
     Inverted and wrong
     Quite dangerous

     Not realistic
     Wrong flag
     Too many colours