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     Wrong letter
     Missing letter
     In one word
     Wrong plural

     Too big
     Wrong count.
     Against the rules
     Inverted message
     Who is right ?

     Missing letter
     Wrong person.
     Strange anniversary
     Missing century
     Five centuries

     Left or right ?
     Against the rules
     Uncertain wind
     Wrong date
     Missing man

     Missing wing.
     Missing countries
     Wrong map
     Wrong lighthouse.

     Wrong title
     Missing screw
     Four errors on one stamp !
     Wrong traffic lights
     Wrong birthdate

     Postponed visit.
     Wrong colour
     Wrong stars
     Wrong title.
     Wrong map.

     Wrong clock.
     Wrong direction
     Missing sign
     Missing end

     Wrong name.
     One year too late
     Snow crystal
     Missing spanners.
     A space too much

     Missing cable
     Two missing countries
     Too low
     Missing and inverted colors
     Wrong chosen colour

     Too low
     Two errors
     Wrong flags
     One day later
     Wrong person, climbing water

     Missing island
     Wrong repressentation
     Wrong direction
     Missing countries

     Wrong colour
     Missing hole
     Old spelling
     Missing letter

     Missing country !
     Wrong name
     Exact copy
     Wrong position on map
     Wrong first letter

     Missing cupboard
     Wrong background
     Missing paddles