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     Wrong representation
     Taking risks !
     Forwards or backwards ?
     Dissonant commemoration
     Strange position of the sticks

     Wrong year
     Strange position
     No head protection
     Shaking hands
     Inverted ?

     Error in name
     Error in name
     Missing spokes.
     Inverted portrait

     Wrong grip
     Too high
     Missing stage
     Wrong antennas
     Wrong anniversary

     Wrong date
     Three errors
     Strange wipers

     Strange wipers
     Wrong direction
     No relation
     Missing finger.
     Hidden cross ?

     In one word
     Inverted sign
     Two identical left shoes.
     Inverted coat
     Wrong antenna

     Impossible combination
     Not so old
     Language error
     Changed design
     Mirror image

     Much too early
     Much later
     Missing mark
     Strange position

     Too early
     Wrong split
     Wrong split
     Two left hands

     Identical registration numbers !
     Differents boots ?
     Wrong caps.
     Not quite correct
     Wrong letters ? Not sure !

     Ihn or Sie ?
     Noisy restaurant
     Strange runners
     Missing letter
     Impressive word.

     Wrong direction
     Wrong letter