Design errors - AJMAN

Westminster abbey was shown inverted on a stamp issued by Ajman. An English stamp shows the correct representation.

What is the Queen doing on the sheet featuring FAMOUS MEN ?

Armstrong made an error while pronouncing his historical words : instead of 'That is one small step for a man', he said 'That is one small step for man'.

American flag with too less stars and stripes.


These boxers would have been disqualified at the Olympic Games, because protecting vests are obligatory for amateur boxing events.


Wrong : Baden Powell - Correct : Baden-Powell


This is not a Gemeni 4 rocket, but an Atlas one.


Fish was featured upside down


Bobsleigh is not organised in open field, but in a protected tunnel scarved in the snow.


American flag with white circles instead of stars.


Iceskating with more than one partecipant at the same time


The exact text on the metal plate left on the moon is : 'Here men from THE planet earth...', not 'Here men from planet earth ...'