Design errors - CYPRUS


The stamp shows Act IV, scene I from Shakespeare's Othello, with the quotation : You are welcome, Sir, to Cyprus. However Othello is not welcoming Ludovico as implied, but is about to leave the stage angrily with the complete sentence ... goats and monkeys, a rather rude and very different sentiment.


In this 'flaming sun' the number of threads are supposed to match the number of coutries in CEPT, 24 at the time the common issue of this stamp was conceived, but before the stamp was issued Jugoslavia and Malta also joined, so there should have been 26 threads (France and Andorra got it right).


Wrong : Mufflon - Correct : Moufflon. A corrected stamp was issued soon after the error was discovered


Is is obvious that this swimmer has to urgently perform a doping test.