Design errors - DENMARK

Some of those private stamps mention BYBOST instead of BYPOST

Stamp featuring the famous Order of the Elephant decoration, with a wrong coloured ribbon.


Both portraits were inverted on those stamps.


The horses are controlled without effort


Sail and flag are blown by the wind in different directions


The 90-gun warship shown on a stamp issued in 1951 to mark the 250th anniversary of the Naval Officers' College is out of place, as Danmark had no such warships in 1701.


Music fragment in Eb from a work from Gade. The stated metre is not in form in which it is given in the original score, having been transposed from alto clef to treble clef.


This horn constructed in a way it will never produce a sound !


The left leg of this bench is missing


Representation of theletter D in deaf language.


A quick calculation will show you that 2.80 for 10 gr means 140 for a kilo, not 14. Or is it an unusual way to explain that postage rates related to weight become cheaper when the weight increases ?


The present Russian part of East Prussia (Königsberg) has disappeared under the water of the Baltic sea.