Design errors - IRELAND


This map is not quite correct as the northern part, Ulster, belonged in fact to Great Britain.


The Republic of Ireland added Ulster (North Ireland)to its territory.


The scythe on the stamp is made for left-handed people, but carried by a right-handed worder.


In this 'flaming sun' the number of threads are supposed to match the number of coutries in CEPT, 24 at the time the common issue of this stamp was conceived, but before the stamp was issued Jugoslavia and Malta also joined, so there should have been 26 threads (France and Andorra got it right).


Shakespeare, not Shawspeare wrote Antony and Cleopatra, not Caesar and Cleopatra.


The gender in the scientific name of animals is written with a capital letter . Wrong mustela - Correct : Mustela.


Geant oister of an impossible shape.


The statue on the top of the post building in Dublin holds the javelin in the right hand.


The gender in the scientific name of an animal is always written with a capital letter. Wrong : cervus - Correct : Cervus.


Stamp issued for the entrance of 10 new countriesinto the European Union. Cyprus appears to have been relocated (and takes the place of the island of Crete. Some borders are missing (Norway/Sweden ...)