Design errors - ICELAND


Iceland is much too big, and too close to Groenland and Europa


This bishop was never canonised, ther is thus no reason why he his featured with an halo.


This woman is much too close to the water surface, this dive will end very painfully.


├ŹSLAND should be spelled with an accent on the firrst letter. Sometimes this is forgotten.


In this 'flaming sun' the number of threads are supposed to match the number of coutries in CEPT, 24 at the time the common issue of this stamp was conceived, but before the stamp was issued Jugoslavia and Malta also joined, so there should have been 26 threads (France and Andorra got it right).


This shrimp is claimed to be a Pandalus borealis. But this is in fact a warmwater species Penaeus setiferus, not found in the Icelandic waters.


The stick to push the hoop is held in the wrong hand