Design errors - JAMAICA


The alligator should rest on a plumet helmet, the woman should have a single feather bound to her brow, and the man should have a stringed bow. Correct on later stamps.


The wrongly positioned narrow and wide white stripes on the Union Jack were corrected when this stamp was reissued.


Stamps says that the Arawak Indian is 'making' Cassava. In fact Cassava is the meal prepared from the roots of manioc plants by grating and pounding, it is prepared, not make.


Wrong : Columbus Cove (do not exist) - Correct : Don Christopher's Cove


Two anniversaries for the same organisation ? The Salvation Army was fouded in 1865 as the Christian Mission and did not adopt its present name till1878.


This butterfly belongs to the family Nymphalidae, subfamily Charaxinae, and not to the Apaturidae as given on this stamp.


Missing P in POSITRIVE