Design errors - MEXICO

A carbon atom linked to ... three hidrogen atoms. As we learned in school, carbon has 4 links.


Stamps issued to commemorate the centenary of the first stamp, the BLACK PENNY. This stamp however, was only issued in black !


Jesus Garcia Corona heroically drove his burning train loaded with dynamite, out of the city of Nacozari, where it exploded, killing Garcia and only twelf others, instead of half the city. The hero however did not die in the arms of is wife, in fact no parts of his body were recovered.


Angels are supposed to be sexless, but this Mexican angel obviously is equipped with a nice breast.


President Kennedy was a lot taller than the Mexican President Mateos.


This stamp was supposed to picture Father SERRA. Unfortunately, a picture of one of his colleagues, Father FALOU, was shown.


All payers have the same white outfit. Impossible to make a difference between a teammate, an opponent or the goalkeeper.


It is almost impossible to read the value of those stamps, but this is not the real error : the names of the churches have been mixed up between the two stamps


Stamp urging to use correct postal codes. The cover shows B C N, but there is no such code in Mexico. Only B C S for Baja California Sur, and B C for Baja California.


The famous round stone on this stamp is a mirror image, making it impossible to read.


This precolombian messenger has no known relation with the date of 1790 ion the stamp.


As this magnifier does not enlarge the picture, the magnifier lies on the stamp, and thus has only the size of the stamp itself, and is almost useless.


100 years of brewing in Mexico ? Must have been much longer !


Five centuries of mining in Mexico ? As can be proven by the many objects in gold, silver, and bronze, this cannot be correct.


500 years of the wheel and horse in America. It is rather farfetched to link the wheel and the horse to a Grand Prix race.