Design errors - NORWAY

Wrong : HERMANN - Correct : HERMAN

In 1941, the 1OOth anniversary of this université was commemorated. But twenty years later, they already celebrated the 150th anniversary !

No footsteps in the snow. Those men must have been there for a very long time.

No footsteps in the snow.

One stick is missing, and in any case it is much too long to be really helpful


Due to a sun eclipse occuring during the battle of Stiklestad where King Olaf Haraldsson died, this can be precisely dated : August 31th 1030, not July 29th.


This is not the first Norwegian locomotive, as suggested on the stamp.


Centennial stamp of 1954 showing an engine with a cab, that was not in use before 1861.


Not an error, as Noreg is the countryname of Norway in the second language of this country. But very confusing for foreigners who are not aware of it !


Ship 'Constitutionen' is navigating at full speed inside Arendal harbour. At this speed, she will not be able to stop in time and will crash into the quay.


On the picture, the Crown Prince Olav is jumping with his hat. His style on the stamp looks much better than on the picture !


How could this ship pass the bridge, as the ship pipe is much taller than the bridge ?


In basketball, the numbers 1till 3 are normally reserved for the referees.