Design errors - SAN MARINO

Skating at the top of an hill, without protection at the edges ? More than dangerous !

Tennis and soccer on the same field, on the top an an hill, without guard. How much time will they spend searching the balls ?

This plane was not built in 1904, but in 1908 : it is a Wright A 1908.


The right thigh of the kneeling man is much shorter than the left.


Stamp prepared in 1942 to celebrate the 20th annniversary of the Fascism, but not issued, due to the political changes. The same stamp, with overprint, was issued the next year to celebrate the fall of the Fascism !


The only place where this nice family can watch the earth is … on the moon !


Colombus leaning on an earthglobe showing the complete map of America, and pointing at an 18th century sailboat !


Columbus, with a map of Mexico, not yet discovered by that time.


The plane of A. Dumont did not have a tail wheel.


A deer does not have aan upwards pointing tail.


Take a rest sitting on the lath, maybe convenient, but quite impossible while jumping for competition.


Very artistic jump, but quite impossible while jumping for competition.


This Brachiosaurus did not live in water, and his forelegs are too small.


The 2 statues at the left and right side of the stamp do not belong to the cathedral of Amiens, but to the cathedral of Chartres.


In this 'flaming sun' the number of threads are supposed to match the number of coutries in CEPT, 24 at the time the common issue of this stamp was conceived, but before the stamp was issued Jugoslavia and Malta also joined, so there should have been 26 threads (France and Andorra got it right).


The Capitol as featured on the stamp was built in 1884, and did not existed in 1850.


Wrong first name Lawrence. Correct : Laurence.


This is not the first landing on the moon on July 21st 1969, but an inverted picture of James Irving, taken during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971


Series of stamps with the different European countries. As the countryname is always written in the local language, the Belgian stamp shoukd have shown the countryname in the two national languages.


Series of stamps with the different European countries. England is not a member of the European Community, but the United Kingdom.


It is strange to associate the St. Peter's dome in Rome with the year 1560, as it was only completed in 1590.


In official competitions, tennis balls are always yellow.