Design errors - SOUTH AFRICA

Written in Braille : FIAT LUX


The arms of Transvaal include a weldwagon, which has a single draught-pole, the oxen being outspanned, not two shafts like on a stamp of 1894.


This is not the Van Riebeeck's ship the Dromaderis, but a Dutch ship of a much later date. Shio with full sails, but surrounded by boats.


The yoke of this outspanned ox wagon stands upright, although it is only loosely connected to the pole.


This was a reprint of an 1926 issue. In the interval the accepted name of the country in Afrikaans had changed from SUIDAFRICA to SUID-AFRICA, see other stamp.


The British settlers arrived in Natal on the two masted ship, the WANDERER. On the stamp a third mast was added.


Not only the engine, but also the carriages of this train are connected to the electric wires.


Message in Braille on the stamp : Hello


Wrong : Carpreolus - Correct : Capreolus.