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Happy bird !
Free as a bird ! At least the yellow one that was drawn outside the cage !
(GERMANY - 1959)

Loving birds !
According to specialists, the two birds on this stamp are male. Not exactly a good illustration for a perfect royal wedding !

Inverted order
The female bird (with dark feathers) is always preceeding the male (correct on the American stamp)
(ALAND - 1987)

Space condor
A condor on top of the Aconcagua mountain, at more than 7.000 m above sealevel ? Impossible.

Sky bird
A condor on the top of the Illimani mountain, at more than 7.000 m above sealevel ? Impossible.
(BOLIVIA - 1925)

Sleepless seagulls.
Seagulls do not fly in the night !
(FINLAND - 1946)

Wrong colours.
As the colours of the BURONG Siul bird were unreal, a new stamp with the correct colours was issued.
(MALAYSIA - 1965)

Wrong choice.
Any bird would have been suitable to illustrate airmailstamps, but not the ostrich, the only bird that cannot fly.

Wrong choice
Probably not such a good idea to illustrate aan airletter with an ostrich, the only bird which cannot fly !

Black Swan
The well-known 1d stamp of 1860 shows the State symbol, the Black Swan. But the bird is missing the white underwings of a true black swan, shown correctly on later issues
(AUSTRALIA - 1860)

Missing claws
In this position, the claws of this Gyrfalcon should have been visible.
(SWEDEN - 1981)

Wrong birds
These white crane stamps shows in fact storks : a white crane has a small, upward positioned hind claw and a short beak.
(CHINA - 1986)

One too much
This bird has only three toes on each foot.
(FEROE - 1978)

Wrong bird
Instead of the Southern Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria) which is highly endangered and has the be protected, the stamp shows the very common Northern Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria altifrons) with black throat and breast.
(GERMANY - 1976)

The Canada goose's scientific name is Branta canadensis. The stamp however says it is a Barnacle goose which scientific name is Branta leucopsis
(HUNGARY - 1964)

Wrong bird
This is not the bald eagle, but the Shrieking sea eagle. Correct on the Swedish stamp
(HUNGARY - 1962)

Wrong name
Wrong : Chloris chloris - Correct : Carduelis Chloris
(SAHARAUI - 1997)

Not the correct dove
The dove has sonce long been an international symbol symbol of peace, but this birds howeverf, are not doves, but Trumpeter pigeons.
(POLAND - 1950)

Made up
As the female Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus) does not differ from the male bird, one of those stamps has to be a 'made up'.

Wrong name
Wrong : Francolinus Stephenson - Correct : Francolinus Stephens. The prominent leg spurs have also been omitted.
(VIET NAM - 1963)

Wrong color
The Kingfisher should have a greenish blue plumage, not a deep blue. See other stamp.

Wrong bird
This is not a Columbia Jays, according to the painting of Audubon, but a Collie's Magpie Jays from Mexico.

Colour shift
Due to a colour shift, this robin (red-breast) looks more like an 'orange-breast' !
(NORWAY - 1982)

Wrong illustration of solidarity, as without fixed supports, all the birds will crash.
(FRANCE - 1992)

Not correct
The eagle owl (Bubu bubo) lays her eggs directly on the rocks, without nest, and the ears are not yet developed on the new born young owls.
(SWEDEN - 1989)