For more than 30 years, I have found and collected more than 3.000 philatelic items, all with one thing in common : an error that occurred while the stamp or postal item was being designed, during the production process, or during its short 'postal life', when it was being used on letters and parcels all over the world.

In this website, you will see a sample of things I have collected.

But if you do not have much time, or if you first want to have a quick impression before continuing to discover this collection, then just consult 'My favourites' : a mix of stamps and items that I personally like very much.

One example ?

If you try to understand why you just have lost so much money in the casinos of the Portugese-Chinese gambling state MACAU, look carefully at the dice they use :
two 'five-faces' are not exactly what you could expect ...

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Then just watch, you will not believe your eyes !