To find your way through the many stamps and postal items with design errors, they were brought together around similar areas or topics. Click on the following items to see the stamps.

1. Living beings
    1.1 Anatomy of mankind or animal
    1.2 Wrong persons, animals or plants
    1.3 Birds

2. Letters and figures
    2.1 Misspelt names of persons, animals or plants
    2.2 Language and grammatical errors
    2.3 Juggle with figures
    2.4 Singular and plural
    2.5 Miscellaneous printing gremlins
3. Dates and events
    3.1 Wrong dates
    3.2 Wrong commemorations
    3.3 Various anachronism

4. From astronomy to geography
    4.1 Sky and earth
    4.2 Countries, maps and borders
    4.3 Error in location names
    4.4 Flags
5. Sports
    5.1 Olympic games
    5.2 Athletics
    5.3 Team sports
    5.4 Water sports
    5.5 Winter sports
    5.6 Other various sports

6. Motion and Transportation
    6.1 On two or four wheels
    6.2 By railway
    6.3 On water
    6.4 In air or space