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Wireless phone
A wireless phone, more than 50 years before the GSM was invented
(GERMANY - 1934)

Wrong rainbow
In a rainbow, you will find the purple colour at the other side, near the blue, not near the red.
(CHINA - 1988)

Locked cog wheels.
This stamp was issued to illustrate progress in the industry of Korea. But in this position, the cog wheels are locking each other and will not move
(NORTH KOREA - 1969)

Wireless telephone
Wireless phone on the stamp, and only 9 holes instead of 10 in the drawing left
(TOGO - 1976)

Snow crystal
Snow crystals have six branches, not eight.
(ITALY - 1966)

Broken sunrays
The sunrays are broken by the handle of this shovel
(GERMANY - 1947)

Wireless telephone
Wireless telephone ?
(ALGERIA - 1976)

Missing cable
As the main tending cable is missing, this crane will collapse at the first use.
(AUSTRALIA - 1947)

2 instead of 3
On some of those stamps, the 3-digit is missing, while the 2 appears twice.
(BELGIUM - 1971)

Wrong formula
The production proces of ammoniak gives carbon dioxid, which correct formula is CO2, not CH2.
(CHINA - 1990)

Wrong antenna
Characters from a children TV-program, but the aerial included in the design is not a TV aerial, but an upside-down UKW aerial which could only receive TV-pictures at a very short range.

Noisy restaurant
This might be a noisy restaurant, as the waves do not originate from the mast above, but from the inside of the restaurant and the viewing tower.

Wrong resistor.
On modern resistors, numbers have been substitued by colors. Gold and silver are always on the right side (tolerance of 5 or 10%), thus the third band can never been gold and the fourth one never green.
(GERMANY - 1975)

Wrong inventor.
This is not Rudolf DIESEL, but James WATT, pictured with his steam engine.
(GRENADA - 1987)

Wrong inventor.
This is not James WATT, but Rudolf DIESEL pictured with his engine.
(GRENADA - 1987)

Wrong lighthouse.
The light of a lighthouse is a beam, not a bulb.
(ITALY - 1955)

Danger !
Quite dangerous cable with two male sides.
(JAPAN - 1990)

Missing wire.
Someone cut out the connexion to the telephone receiver. And instead of 10, the dish of the blue phone has nine holes, the yellow one only eight !
(KENYA - 1976)

Too many sides.
Nuts have four or six sides, never eight. They would too easily be damaged by a wrench.
(MALTA - 1958)

Noisy restaurant
Noisy restaurant as the radiowaves seem to issue from the restaurant, not from the antenna located above.
(GERMANY - 1965)

Technical error.
This dynamo is wrongly poled.
(GERMANY - 1966)

Wrong proof.
Stamp commemorating A. Riese who discovered the famous 'proof of nine' for multiplications. The figure 2 on the stamp, however, should have been 7 !
(GERMANY - 1959)

Wrong instrument
This is not a telescope, but a microscope. The link of this tool with telecommunications is not clear
(NIGER - )

Wrong snowcristal
Snowcristal with only five branches instead of six.
(RUSSIA - 1964)

Wrong chemical representation
A carbon atom linked to ... three hidrogen atoms. As we learned in school, carbon has 4 links.

Wrong person, climbing water
The image of Archimedes on the stamp is from a bust in the National Museum of Naples, representing Archidamos III, a third-century BC king of Sparta. And the water is flowing uphill aas it leaves the top of the screw.
(ITALY - 1983)

Wireless phone
Wireless phone

Missing wires
An high tension line has 6 wires and at the top an earth wire. Instead of 14, only 11 wires were represented.

Useless equipment
Impossible to fix something with this circular spanner.
(HUNGARY - 1969)

No power
Both street lamps cannot be lit, as the electrical wire has been cut.
(FRANCE - 1947)

Wrong position
A man is being X-rayed, with his arms in a wrong position for a correct chest picture.
(FRANCE - 1957)

Sun at night
The man on the Nautilus' deck is busy taking the altitude of the sun the moon light.
(FRANCE - 1955)

On the stamp, Pelletier and Caventou are looking at the formula of Quinine, a medecine against Malaria that they discovered in 1820. But the exact formula of this medicine waas only determined more than 40 years later.
(FRANCE - 1970)

Wrong place
Not an error for Sweden, as Swedish phones have the 0 before the 1. In other countries however, the zero is located after the 9.
(SWEDEN - 1976)

Missing hole
The dial disk of this old telephone has only nine holes instead of ten.
(TUNISIA - 1974)

Missing range
Four selection buttons but only three frequency ranges.
(AUSTRIA - 1964)

Strange telephone
FDC with a strange design of a telephone : the numbers are not positioned on a circle
(ANDORRA - 1967)

Wrong formula
Wrong formula. The stamp was corrected.

Not world's largest
The Jodress Bank telescope is not world's largest as claimed on this stamp. The one in Porto Rico is much bigger.
(ASCENSION - 1971)

Missing string
The string, necessary to bring the handle again in position, was omitted.
(ARGENTINA - 1954)

Wrong phone
Bell never used the 'Williams-telephone' that is shown on this stamp
(AUSTRALIA - 1976)

Optic illusion
If you see the arrow pointing to the front, then East and West are inverted.
(MOROCCO - 1970)

Four errors
Nobel prize winners for chemistry : but Banting and Hench whon the prize for Medecine, Perrin for physics, and Marie Curie won in 1911, not in 1913.

Bad representation
Strange microcope
(MOROCCO - 1973)

Wrong poles
Bell was the inventor of the telephone, but some people found out that the poles in the background are not telephone, but telegraph poles.
(CANADA - 1947)

Missing fixation point
Four wires for only three pole supports.
(CHILE - 1941/2)

Moved by hands
Gandhi always used a manual spinning wheel moved by hands, not by feed as showed here.
(BRAZIL - 1969)

Non existing equipment
This equimpent is called 'Transformer Oil switch' on the stamp. An oil switch cuts the power, a transformer change the voltage, but a transformer switch does not exist.
(CHINA - 1976)

Design errors
The lens of the microscope is not perpendicular to the object plane, and the refecting mirror is too forward to refect the light into the tube.
(CHINA - 1982)

Wrong side
The projectionist stands at the left side of the film projector, instead of the normal right side.
(CHINA - 1987)

The cogs of gearwheels have to be identical, otherwise they will they will not be able to turn.

Capital letter
There is no reason why Radium is written with a capital letter.
(FRANCE - 1998)

Missing cord
Missing cord

Not the best illustration
This electrocardiogram graph is from a person with an heart disease, perhaps not the best way to promote sport. And the position of arms and legs of the middle runner is incoherent.

Wrong name, wrong container
Wrong : LE BON - Correct : LEBON | He invented the illuminating gas from the distillation of wood. Due to the high temperature, this was made in fireclay containers, not in glass.
(FRANCE - 1955)

At least one too much
Snowcristal with at least seven branches instead of six.
(RUSSIA - 1985)

Missing cord
Telephone with missing cord.
(RUSSIA - 1969)

Bad copy
The stamp shows a drawing from the astronomer J. Kepler. But soms signs or letters were changed or omitted.
(GERMANY - 1971)

These wrenches with rounded shape are useless.
(INDONESIA - 1969)

Wrong direction
The sun ernergy does not feed the house, it is the house which is powering the sun.

Exact copy
The formula h2/ec on the blackboard is wrong, as e and h has been inverted. The error however, was not made by the stampdesigner who carefully copied a photo of the Nobelprize winner, who made the error during one of his lessons.
(ITALY - 2001)

Not coherent
As the fluid magma reaches the surface, there should have been a visible volcanic activity.

Additional hole
Eleven holes instead of ten.

Impossible to move this gear.
(ARGENTINA - 1963)

No illumination
As this microscope has no internal illumination, it will hardly be possible to discover very much.
(MAURITIUS - 1978)

Wrong instrument
This instrument is not an ASTROLOBE, as can be seen on a correct stamp from Australia.

Useless microscope
The microscope's objective is out of line with the center of the mirror, while the mirror itself has not enough place to pivot.
(RUSSIA - 1966)

One too less
Snowcristals have six branches, no five. Correct on a Polissh stamp.
(RUSSIA - 1964)

Wrong antennas
The antennas of the Sputnik I on the stamp have less in common with the antennas on the real Sputnik I.

Impossible position
As two wires passes behind the head of the worker, he is twisted in the wires. Furthermore one of the wires is not attached to the pole.
(ROMANIA - 1945)

Six too much
Snow crystal with twelve branches instead of six.
(RUSSIA - 1973)

Wrong figures
Stamp commemorating A. Riese who discovered the famous 'proof of nine' for multiplications. The figure 3 on the stamp, however, should have been 9 !
(GERMANY - 1992)

The television camera in the Swedish Parliament is an automatic, fixed camera, never operated by man.
(SWEDEN - 1974)

Wrong direction
The direction of thelaser beam is not perpendicular to the eye, and will damage it.
(FRANCE - 2001)

Wrong method
No preliminary cut to force the tree to fall in the correct direction,and in normal circumstances, a tree is never cut wen it has leaves.
(FRANCE - 1995)

Too early
The digital characters used in clocks and electronic devices, did not yet exist when the first man was launched into space.
(FRANCE - 2001)

Missing screw
A screw is missing to adjust this microscope.
(ITALY - 1955)

Wrong direction
The big wheel of this mine was featured in the wrong direction.
(FRANCE - 1938)

Too early
Astronomer Nasir al-Din Tusi lived in the 13th century. He is using a telescope which will be invented 300 years later, near a globe that was only concieved 200 years later.

Too much
Ice crystals were made with the names of the cities of the Elfstedentocht. On the stamp they have eight branches, in reality only six.

Wrong code
The coded information on the left side of the stamp do not correspond with the weather picture on the stamp.

Missing wire
Not connected telephone handset.

Wrong method
Landing with a parachute on Jupiter, where there is no atmosphere ?

In one word
Wrong : KILO-VOLT - Correct : KILOVOLT.

The protection doors have to be closed first, before the lift is activated.
(GERMANY - 1957)

Missing part
Missing cord between the telephone and the horn.
(JORDAN - 1976)

Wrong metal
To illustrate Swedish forging, a bronzen piece was used : bronze is of course casted, not forged.
(SWEDEN - 1970)

Wrong formula
The formula of methan is CH4, not HC4.
(MONACO - 1986)

Missing man
This kind of saw has to be powered by to men, one at each side.
(ITALY - 1950)

Missing cord
Missing cord between the telephone and the horn.

Useless tool
This tool is completely useless.
(CAMEROON - 1969)

Inexact position
At 2h18, the position of the small hand is not on the 2, but already at a third on its way to the 3.
(GABON - 1967)

Wrong location
The location of the Von Neumayer Polar Research Station was modified. The stamp still shows the original location, the red arrow the real location.
(GERMANY - 1981)

Error in formula
Error in formula : at the bottom right, the connexion is not made with the second oxygen molecula, but with the first one.

Wrong direction
As this scientist was the first to isolate the fluor, a better formula should have been 2HF -> H2 + F2
(FRANCE - 1986)

Snowflake with eight branches instead of six.
(NIGER - 1987)

Two too much
Snowflake with eight branches instead of six.

Missing branche
A snow cristal has six branches, not five.
(CANADA - 1988)

Wrong abbreviations
The abbreviation of the maesure unit candela is cd and not Cd. The abbreviation of Kelvin degrees is K, not °K.
(ROMANIA - 1966)

It is obvious that the designer was not an engineer, as he forgot to fix the wheel.
(BELGIUM - 1993)

Wrong conversion
This is not the conversion between Fahrenheit and Centigrades degrees, but between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Wrong source
The radiowaves are not issued from the antennas
(ANDORRA - 1988)

Wrong shape, wrong target
Wrong shape of a V2-rocket. Furthermore, they were not directed to Berlin
(DOMINICA - 1995)