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Missing country !
Austria, between Germany and Italy, was completely forgotten !
(ITALY - 2001)

Forgotten Gazah territory.
Stamp issued to show the Arab solidarity against the expansion of Israel into occupied territories. But one of these territories, the territory of Gazah, was represented on this stamp as belonging to Israel !
(IRAQ - 1970)

Greece as a continent
Greece became a whole continent. But where is the rest of Europe ?
(GREECE - 1956)

Wrong map
If this map is correct the Persian Gulf will reach till the Mediterranean sea.

Wrong map
On the map the Istrian province of Yugoslavia was wrongly annexed by Italy.
(ITALY - 1954)

Wrong map
The Agalega islands were wrongly added to the Sechelles. This was corrected, together with a better position of the Aldabra-islands.

Wrong map
A first stamp showed a map of the islands with the very important 180° longitude line unlabelled. This was corrected two years later.
(FIJI - 1938)

Wrong map
A longitude of 40°30 North would have positioned the Guernsey island near Madrid. A corrected stamp was issued with the correct position 49°30N.
(GUERNSEY - 1969)

Incorrect position.
On the blue stamp the small islands Toku and Fonulei were wrongly depicted near Vava'u. The blue stamp shows their correct position.
(TONGA - 1953)

Wrong map
Stamp issued for the entrance of 10 new countriesinto the European Union. Cyprus appears to have been relocated (and takes the place of the island of Crete. Some borders are missing (Norway/Sweden ...)
(IRELAND - 2002)

Two errors
Stamp showing a real game between Capablanca and Lasker, played in New York in 1924. However the black bishop should be on KN1, not on KB1. Furthermore, the landmasses on the globe in the background have no relation to actual contours.

Wrong map
Hopefully the participants of this sailing contest did not navigate according to this map : where Rijeka is situated on the block, you will in fact find the town of Opatija. Rijeka is located almost in the Eastern corner of this map.

Wrong map
On the map, Nova Scotia appears to be attached to Gaspé Peninsula, New Foundland is badly misshaped, and Paris has been moved to the mouth of the Seine.

Wrong map
Greenland has completely disappeared from the face of the earth

Wrong map ?
Correct stamp for Argentina, as they claim the Falkland Islands, and of course wrong for Great Britain.

Wrong globe.
Impossible to recognise the continents on this globe, they only exist in the imagination of the designer.
(AUSTRIA - 1955)

Hidden map
The clouds and rocks are disposed to show the map of Bohemia, before it was invaded by the Nazis. The engraver was sent to a concentration camp, and a new stamp was issued.
(BOHEMIA - 1939)

Potential conflict
Both Bolivia and Paraguay claimed the Chaco-region. Some years after those stamps were issued, they tried to solve the conflict by arms.
(BOLIVIA - 1935)

Wrong map
Taiwan is pictured at least 10 times bigger as mainland China.
(TAIWAN - 1959)

Inverted map
Correct and mirrored map of the Dominican Island

Wrong map
The Persian Gulf has completely disappeared on this stamp
(EGYPT - 1954)

Wrong map
On the stamp, the Nothern exit of the Suez canal touches Lake Manzala. In fact, the canal passis directly into the Mediterranean.
(EGYPT - 1957)

Wrong borders
Non correct borders on the colored part of the map. Was corrected.
(ROMANIA - 1993)

Forgotten countries.
England and Ireland seem to have been forgotten on this map.
(GABON - 1974)

Upside down.
This map was pictured upside down, with the nord at the bottom of the design.
(GERMANY - 1969)

Territory extension.
Belice (British Honduras) has disappeared, and has been integrated in Guatemala. A correct stamp, however, was issued some years before.
(GUATEMALA - 1948)

Wrong map.
Pink stamp issued to commemorate the visit of the Italian president to Peru. A wrong map was issued by the designer. To avoid diplomatic incidents, a new grey stamp with corrected map was issued. Some stamps, however, were already in circulation. This stamp, unfortunately for me, is a forgery.
(ITALY - 1961)

Wrong map.
Gotha, Vienna, Rome and Madrid are misplaced on this map.
(MONACO - 1964)

Partial correction.
Cape Bauld was wrongly located on the Nord of Cape Norman, instead of South of it. The error was corrected but another error 'Straits of Belle Isle' instead of 'Strait of Belle Isle' was forgotten.

Wrong location
The location 166°E was wrongly shown as 166°E.

Partial correction.
The wrong position 21°10S was corrected in 20°10S. But 57°30E was wrong too, and was surprisingly not corrected in 57°10E
(MAURITIUS - 1950)

Wrong country
The winner of a golden medal, pictured on this stamp, was a Norwegian from Oslo. He has no direct link with … STOCKHOLM !
(PARAGUAY - 1972)

Wrong map
Map of the Antarctica, with missplaced longitudes 110W and 120W

Reversed map.
The map in the circle is reversed. Wheb the stamp itself is reversed, the map appears correctly.

Wrong landscape
The wrong skyline of the mountains was corrected by issuing a new stamp.

Missing island
The island of Madagascar is missing
(TOGO - )

Name inversion
Inversion of the names of Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia
(ALBANIA - 2011)

Diplomatic incident
Diplomatic iincident between Turkey and Armenia, when Armenia issued a stamp with mount Ararat. This mount is indeeed located in Turkey..
(ARMENIA - 1920)

Other territory
The islands right below do not belong to the Bahamas, but to the Turks and Caicos islands
(BAHAMAS - 1976)

Wrong map
Jamaica was brought into the picture where San Domingo, a much bigger island ought to be.
(BARBADOS - 1969)

The red color is covering more than the half of Finland
(RUSSIA - 1927)

Political statement
It is obvioous that the country that issued yhis stamp did not recognize the state Israël.
(YEMEN - 1960)

Missing countries
Greenland and Iceland are missing on this
(ITALY - 1992)

Missing countries
Greenland and Iceland were forgotten.
(ITALY - 1953 ?)

Missing border
Missing border between the Czec Republic and Slovakia, independent countries since 1992.
(MOLDOVA - 1999)

Wrong position on map
The location of the city of Perdasdefogu is not correct
(ITALY - 2006)

Wrong place
Flensburg is situated in SCHLESWIG. Correct on stamp, but the FDC says put it in HOLSTEIN.
(GERMANY - 1966)

Wrong map
The map includes a territory between the rivers Orange and Molopo that belongs to the Republic of South Africa
(BOTSWANA - 1975)

Vaster than reality !
Some of the territories coloured in red did not belong to the British Empire.
(CANADA - 1898)

Wrong map
The map showed on this stamp is larger than the one designed by Thompson, when he discovered those territories.
(CANADA - 1957)

Flag and bay.
The shape of the Hudson Bay is not correct (see other stamp). And there is no red line around the white part of the Canadian flag.
(CANADA - 1967)

Not the first
The Basilea map of 1540 was not the first map of America, The first map was published in an edition of the Polyhistor by Solinus, which Sebastian Munster edited and printed in Basel, 1538.
(COSTA RICA - 1977)

Wrong map
The places featured on this stamp are not in the right position.

Three errors
Novia Scotia is pictured as an island, and the USA include the Province of Quebec south of the Lawrence River. And in the upper margin,Trans-Atlantic should have been Transatlantic.
(DOMINICA - 1977)

It has been claimed that on this stamp the western degree of latitude was 6° instead of 61° : however a careful examination shows that the figure 1 is present, bu superimposed on the line itself.

The island of Madagascar was forgotten.
(SPAIN - 1952)

Two little details
The coast between Ceuta and Tanger is cut for more sharply on the stamp as in rerazlity. The Spanish town La Linea is wrongly shown as one single word.
(GIBRALTAR - 1960)

Error in map
The cities Mahlanapeng and Mokhotlong have been transposed.
(LESOTHO - 1974)

Wrong map
This map is not quite correct as the northern part, Ulster, belonged in fact to Great Britain.
(IRELAND - 1922)

Wrong map
Greece covers a large part of the globe, ans the Peloponesis is featured as an island.

On this stamp Egypt gives away to Israel the complete Gazah stroke that belongs to Palestina.

Missing countries
Greenland and Iceland are missing on the map in the red heart.
(BELGIUM - 1972)

Wrong map
The map of Estonia represents the situation before 1945, and includes two landstrips (Petersi and Narva) that now belong to Russia.
(ESTONIA - 1991)

Missing continent
Antartica was omitted on the two globes
(BULGARIA - 1957)

Missing continent and island.
Antartica was omitted on both of the globes of this world map. The island of Madagascar has also disappeared.
(BULGARIA - 1964)

Forgotten continent
Antartica was omitted
(CANADA - 1983)

Two errors
Mississipe instead of Mississipi, and too far to the west (see map, the river should almost be below Michigan)
(HAITI - 1959)

Forgotten islands
Madagascar and Iceland were forgotten on this map.

Missing continent
The Antarcic continent has been forgotten.

Out of proportion
Iceland is much too big, and too close to Groenland and Europa
(ICELAND - 1938)

Errors in map
Errors in map : Ottawa located in the USA, Washington at the seaside. Corrected a year later.

Claimed islands
Matthews Island and Hunter Island are claimed by Vanuatu, but belong in fact to New Zealand

Missing continent
Antartica is missing on this earthglobe.
(CHILE - 1950)

Wrong map
The Hudson Bay has almost completely disappeared.
(VENEZUELA - 1956)

Not correct
Madagascar and Iceland were forgotten, and Alaska is much too large.

Not correct
The design of the East-coast of America is far from reality.

Wrong direction
According to the map, the sun is rising in the Nord.
(TURKEY - 1931)

Wrong country
First stamp of Rwanda, showing wrongly a map of Burundi.
(RWANDA - 1962)

Missing countries
Greenland, Iceland and Antartica are missing.

Two errors
Portugese instead of Portuguese Guinea. And the country name of Ivory Coast is missing.
(GHANA - 1959)

Mystery map
The map in the background looks real, but does not represent a known location.
(FRANCE - 2004)

Wrong border
Wrong representation of the border between France and Italy.
(FRANCE - 1955)

Missing continent
All Europe was forgotten on this globe.

Wrong country
The stamp commemorates the stay of Che Guevara in the formal Belgian Congo, but shows a map of Congo-Brazzaville.
(CUBA - 2000)

Forgotten country
The territory of Israël was included in Jordania
(QATAR - 1972)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten on this map. See correct map on other stamp.
(GERMANY - 1991)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten on this map. See correct map on other stamp.

Wrong countryname
It is not England, but the United Kingdom which is a member of the European Union.

Wrong countryname
It is not England, but the United Kingdom which is a member of the European Union. Correct on the other stamp.

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten on this map of Africa.

As in other stamps, Argentina claims the ownership of the Malvinas. From their point of vue of course, this is not an error.
(ARGENTINA - 1964)

Wrong representation of the Hudson Bay. Compare with the map.
(CANADA - 1966)

Wrong position
The position of the island Madagascar is not correct, comparing to Africa.
(BENIN - 1982)

Wrong border
Wrong design of the border between France and Italy.
(ALGERIA - 1955)

Wrong map
The map of Germany shows only the formal West-Germany.
(GREECE - 1992)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten.
(LIBYA - 1990)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten.
(GUINEA - 1962)

Extended map
The Republic of Ireland added Ulster (North Ireland)to its territory.
(IRELAND - 1922)

Wrong borders
Borders of Greece and Italy are not correct
(MONACO - 2002)

Too the left
The map on the stamp is slightly turned to to left comparing to the exact situation.

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten.

Missing countries
Greenland and Iceland are missing on this stamp.
(GERMANY - 2001)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten, and the Gibraltar strait is much too wide.
(ITALY - 1989)

Error in country name
Wrong : Afghanestan - Correct : Afghanistan

Wrong number
The zero meridian is the Greenwich one, not the meridan of Bogota.
(COLOMBIA - 1956)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar was forgotten.

Wrong location
The location of the Von Neumayer Polar Research Station was modified. The stamp still shows the original location, the red arrow the real location.
(GERMANY - 1981)

Super sized
The USA are 100 times larger than Liberia, but on the stamp their size is almost equal.
(LIBERIA - 1976)

Not equal
Liberia is much bigger than Sierra Leone, but on the stamp they have almost the same size.
(LIBERIA - 1975)

Not the same size
Norfolk (left) is 50% smaller than Pitcairn (right), although they have been represented at the same size. Furthermore the map of Norfolk is slightly inclunated.

Not visible
The Florida peninsula shouls be visible on the stamp.
(NORFOLK - 1969)

Big continent
Australia is almost as large as North America, and the design of Europe could have been better.
(GUATEMALA - 1946)

Wrong position
The equator does not cross the American continent in Middle-America, but lower.

Wrong position
Wrong : 45°05' - Correct : 46°05'.

Missing territories
The Palestinian territories (Westbank and Gazah) were forgotten.
(IRAQ - 1969)

Wrong border
The border between France, Germany and Switzerland is completely inaccurate.
(BENIN - 1982)

Errors in map
Borders of different countries are not correct.
(MONACO - 2000)

Poor map
Strange shape and missing name of Luxemburg, and badly featured border between Belgium and Germany.

Wrong position
The latitude line 177°E was not positionned correctly
(FIJI - 1966)

Dispute through stamps
Argentina claims the Falklands, as they have done before on other stamps.
(ARGENTINA - 1982)

Missing island
The island of Madagascar is missing

Wrong map
The Persian Gulf was omitted on the stamp.
(YEMEN - 1954)

Under water
The present Russian part of East Prussia (Königsberg) has disappeared under the water of the Baltic sea.
(DENMARK - 2013)

Missing province
The present Russian part of East Prussia (Königsberg) has disappeared under the water of the Baltic sea.
(FRANCE - 2013)

Missing continent
Antartica is missing
(AUSTRIA - 2012)

Wrong shape and position
The shape and the orientation of the Barbuda island are wrong on this old map, the position (17°35 - 61°42) however is correct

Missing island
Combined issue Belgium-Netherland. On the Belgian stamp, the island of Marken is missing, correct on the Dutch stamp.
(BELGIUM - 1989)

Wrong order
The stamp designer first wrote GAMBIA insead of THE GAMBIA. He corrected his error without changing the afphabetical order of the countries.
(SINGAPORE - 1971)

Not an island
As North-Korea was not featured, South-Korea seems to be an island.
(SOUTH KOREA - 1949)

Too big
The size of the island of Jersey is out of proportion
(JERSEY - 1969)

Too big
The size of the island of Jersey is out of proportion
(JERSEY - 1969)

Drifting continents
All the continents are on the front side of the globe
(BENIN - 1978)

Missing island
Cuba is missing on this map
(BENIN - 1992)

Rising sea level
The Netherlands almost completely under water, maybe like it would be in 2100 ?
(TURKEY - 2012)

In the neighbourhood
The correct position shown on the stamp is not 17°35 - 61°49 but 17°36 - 61°49

Inverted map
The Norway map in the background is inverted
(ANGOLA - 2019)