Motion and Transportation

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Missing wheels.
Where are the wheels of this train ?

Missing piece of rails !
As a piece of the rails is missing, this train will derail in a few seconds…
(AUSTRIA - 1948)

Four errors on one stamp !
Probably the stamp with the most errors on it : trains drive left in Italy, steamtrains never crossed the Simplon-tunnel, there is no road at the right side of the tunnel, and coaches pulled by horses were already history at the time the tunnel was built.
(ITALY - 1956)

Strange train
Not only the engine, but also the carriages of this train are connected to the electric wires.

Strange wind.
The wind blows the smoke and the American flag in opposite directions.

Wrong power
The power cable is not sustended, and will never keep a constant hight. Furthermore the power is taken at 2 places at the same time.
(POLAND - 1969)

Missing cable
Missing electrical power cable.
(ITALY - 1970)

Missing suspension
The power cable is not sustained, and will never keep a constant height.
(AUSTRIA - 1967)

Missing power
No trace at all of the electrical wires necessary to power these trams.
(AUSTRALIA - 1956)

Inverted train
As can be seen on the picture, this little train pushes the wagons. And as it is more than 100 years old, it always produces a big black smoke !
(AUSTRIA - 1989)

One too much
According to the photograph, this aerotrain has seven and not eight propeller blades.
(FRANCE - 1970)

Wrong logo
The postal logo was never put at the front of a Belgian train.
(BELGIUM - 1969)

Wrong number
This train has the number 671, but only the trains with numbers between 799 and 873 were in use on the Brennerbahn
(AUSTRIA - 1967)

Too narrow
The tunnel is far too narrow to allow high speed trains.

Bad copy
The handle to switch the points was copied from the pictures, but there are no real points to see on the stamp.
(AUSTRIA - 2010)

Two errors
The Thalys has only one big front window, and in the logo, the name is placed on the left.
(BELGIUM - 1998)

Wrong train
Instead of a Canadian train to commemorate the centenary of the Canadian Post, this stamp shows the Albany Express from the Western Railroad Company of Massachusetts.
(CANADA - 1951)

Missing wheel
The 1846 Zbraslav locomotive has a back wheel of the tender missing.

Missing wheel
A wheel is missing at the back of this locomotive

Wrong number and date
The locomotive featured on this stamp is the number 427 (not 408) of the Österreichchische Staats Eisenbahn Gesellschaft built in 1872. The date 1865 on the stamp refers to the date when production of this class of locomotive started.

One too much
Only one power supply is required, there is no reason why the second one was also connected.
(FRANCE - 1937)

Wrong date
This loco was built in 1860, not in 1895.
(GABON - 1975)

Wrong train
This is not the ambulance train that was used between Ukko and Pekka : engine, bumpers, cylinders and wheels are wrong.
(FINLAND - 1944)

No power
Missing electrical power lines.

Wrong loco
This locomotive called The Pioneer was built in 1836 by Baldwin Utica & Schenectady Railroad. There has been a confusion with another locomotive also called the Pioneer, built in 1851 by Wilmarth for the Cumberland Valley Railroad..
(HUNGARY - 1979)

Many errors
Many errors : lights on the tunnel ceiling instead of on the sides, no intrance to the motorman's compartiment, and ... a diesel loco instead of an electrical one !
(JAPAN - 1962)

Wrong type
This loco is not a 231-type, but a 4-6-0 one.
(MALI - 1970)

The Prince of Wales n° 12 locomotive had outside cylinders, absent on this stamp.

Missing wings
This locomotive has aerodynamic wings which are not showed on the stamp.
(NIGER - 1975)

Missing lights
This locomotive has twp characteristic frontlights that were not represented on the stamp.
(NIGER - 1975)

Non suspended
The electrical powerline is not suspended.
(NIGER - 1975)

Missing wheel
At least one additional wheel should be vivible at the right side of the train.
(RUSSIA - 1978)

No railways
No wonder this camel looks frightened, as in 1936 there existed in fact no railways in that country.
(TOUVA - 1936)

Wrong year
Wrong date : this train was built in 1825, bot in 1925.
(PARAGUAY - 1972)

Error in name
(PARAGUAY - 1972)

Not the first
The first Swedish locomotive was not the FRYKSTAD featured on this stamp which was delivered in 1855, but the FÖRSTLINGEN delivered in 1853.
(SWEDEN - 1956)

Not the first
This is not the first Norwegian locomotive, as suggested on the stamp.
(NORWAY - 1947)

Wrong colour
This train has never been painted in a green color, only in red with a small horizontal black line.
(BENIN - 1997)

Error in name
Wrong : MacLead - Correct : MacLeod.
(BENIN - 1997)

Useless powerlines.
The power lines were not been above the train, but on the side.
(ISLE OF MAN - 1995)

Four years later
This locomotive was not built in 1840, but in 1844.
(POLAND - 1976)

Inverted view, the steering bar is at the wrong side of this locomotive.
(POLAND - 1976)

Wrong type
Centennial stamp of 1954 showing an engine with a cab, that was not in use before 1861.
(NORWAY - 1954)

Additional wheels
The stamp designer added two extra wheels at te rear of this class 151 06-0T engine.

Bad example
Children palying near a railway ? Where are the elementary security rules ?
(BELGIUM - 2014)

Wrong side
In Belgium trains drive left, thus the signals are at the left side of the rails. There is no reason why the driver looks outside through the right window.
(BELGIUM - 1942)

Power lines
Interrupted power lines are connected to the train in a strange way
(CHINA - )

Missing link
The lever of the switch is not connected to the rails.
(GUINEA - 1976)

Missing powerlines
Missing powerlines on other tracks
(AUSTRIA - 2001)

Missing rail
The wheels of this train are all on the same rail.
(MALDIVES - 1990)