Motion and Transportation

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Falling motorcycle.
This motorcycle cannot stand up, as the device to lift the back wheel is not in position.

A strange way to hold the frontwheel of this motorcycle in position
A strange way to hold the frontwheel of this motorcycle in position

Dangerous bus.
Look carefully at the yellow bus. It is obvious that the front side of the bus is left. Which means that the doors have been drawn on the left side of the bus. In that way, people have to enter and leave the bus in the middle of the road !
(GERMANY - 1965)

Wrong traffic lights
In Italy, as in most European countries, the red colour is always at the top in traffic lights.
(ITALY - 1957)

Missing wheels.
Missing left frontwheel of this coach, that should have been visible like the rear one.
(GERMANY - 1973)

Strange wipers
The windshield wipers of the small right van are not parallel.

Strange wipers
One of the windshield wipers is pointing to the left, the other one to the right.

Missing spokes.
A bicycle wheel has 32 spokes, not 24 or 28 as pictured on those stamps.

Curved road
Stamp issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1.500 miles highway linking British Columbia to Alaska. Comparing to the original photo, the straight road has been curved.

Missing spanners.
Bicycle wheels without spanners.
(ITALY - 1968)

No issue.
There is a carriage way under the railway bridge, which was omitted on the left side. When the tamp was reissued, this error was corrected.

Wrong name
Wrong : ALPHA - Correct : ALFA
(LIBERIA - 1993)

Different dates.
According to one of those stamps, the bicycle was invented in 1809. But according to the other one, it happened nine years later.
(MALI - 1968)

Strange car.
The red right car has been equipped with red break lampps in front…
(GERMANY - 1986)

Icy road ?
Why show a winter scene on an icy road, as this tunnel was inaugurated in June

Strange bicycle
Fold-up bicycle for military use. But the handle bar has been placed in front of the saddle. This means that the saddle is linked to the front wheel, and the steering bar to the rear wheel.
(TOGO - 1978)

Wrong side.
The doors of this autobus are at the wrong side.

Upside down
The Citroën sign on the front of the car is upside down.
(MONGOLIA - 1989)

Dangerous transportation
Bicycles without brakes, and horses without reins.
(GERMANY - 1987)

Missing glove
Visiting the moon on the moon buggy, without gloves !
(GRENADA - 1971)

Wrong coulours
Each category has a specific colour for number plates, and different engine categories do not compete in the same race.

A sprint on bicycles without brakes.
(ITALY - 1962)

One A too much
The Ford AA model is a van. This is a Ford A.
(BARBADOS - 1983)

Wrong years
Schumacker : as the years he became worldmaster were wrong, a new stamp was issued.
(AUSTRIA - 2006)

Wrong side
The street signs were first designed at the wrong side of te road, the stamp was corrected.
(NIGERIA - 1973)

Unrealistic bicycles
A pump on a bicycle in a competition in 1972 is not realistic. And a piece of the frame is missing between the saddle and the pedals on both bicycles.
(ALGERIA - 1972)

Wrong colors
At the time this stamp was issued, the traffic lights in China had the green light at the top, and the red light at the bottom.
(CHINA - 1981)

Wrong bicycle
This is a competition bicycle. But at the 2nd national Worker's game in 1985, it was decided to use ordinary bicycles.
(CHINA - 1985)

Wrong period.
This mail coach is not from the19th century, but from the 18th century.

Against the rules
According to the French law, living humans should not appear on stamps. Apparently an exception was made for the French champion Jacques Anquetil.
(FRANCE - 1972)

Missing stage
This tour started and ended in Prague. The last stage from Pilsen back to Prague was forgotten.

The horse with rider does not have neither swipe nor harness, and the rider must sit on the left horse as the right horse is the 'hand-horse'.
(GERMANY - 1969)

Not efficient
The left horse is pulling on a chain, the right horse on nothing. and the draught-horse is connected with the pole in an impossible way.
(GERMANY - 1985)

Wrong year
This car is not a Tourenwagen 1913 from Daimler Benz but rather the equivalent from 1924.
(GERMANY - 1982)

Missing wheel
This three-wheeler seems to have lost one of its front wheels.
(HUNGARY - 1963)

Wrong car
This is not an early Daimler from 1886, but rather a Benz Motorwagen with 3 wheels (the Daimler had 4).
(HUNGARY - 1986)

Strange relation
500 years of the wheel and horse in America. It is rather farfetched to link the wheel and the horse to a Grand Prix race.
(MEXICO - 1992)

Wrong name of car.
WOLKSWAGEM instead of Volkswagen.
(PORTUGAL - 1994)

Wrong registration
Whool-laden lorry with the registration number 11-957. But in 1935 new regulations stipulated that a lorry such as thisshould carry the letter H before the nimber.
(NEW ZEALAND - 1936)

Too old
The 1895 Benz and the 1904 Oldsmobile are veterans (built before 1905), not vintage cars (built beween 1917 and 1933).
(NEW ZEALAND - 1972)

Missing leg
Only eleven legs for three horses.
(SWEDEN - 1936)

Incomplete bicycle
Incomplete bicycle : no pedals, chain and spokes in the wheels.
(POLAND - 1948)

Wrong date
This car was first built in 1901, not in 1909.
(RUSSIA - 1973)

Small detail
The arms of Transvaal include a weldwagon, which has a single draught-pole, the oxen being outspanned, not two shafts like on a stamp of 1894.

Not connected
The yoke of this outspanned ox wagon stands upright, although it is only loosely connected to the pole.

Impossible number
The number on the registration plate was an impossible combination of figures. It was removed when the stamp was issued.
(TURKEY - 1977)

Wrong date
This Mercedes was of course not built in 1910, but in 1950.
(PORTUGAL - 1994)

Missing spokes
Bicycle with wheels without spokes, and without brakes.

Missing part
The MACK fire trucks have all a little bulldog on the front.

Wrong side
In this old car, the driver was seated at the right, not at the left side.

Different dates
According to one of those stamps, the bicycle was invented in 1809. But according to the other one, it happened nine years later.
(NIGER - 1968)

Wrong car
The car pictured on this stamp is not an 1934 M.G. MIDGET PA, but actually a 1934 PANHARD LEVASSOR.

Too close
The pedals are too close to the frame, the lever will be insufficient to develop enough power.
(ARGENTINA - 1963)

Wrong letters
This is not a valid Dutch registration number of a car, but probably the phone number of a friend of the designer.

Missing parts
The reins and chains of the left horse are interrupted.
(GERMANY - 1989)

Wrong bicycle design
The designer of this stamp obviously does not know how the bicycle is designed.
(FRANCE - 2002)

Missing part
Van without windshield wiper

Missing cable
Cable is not reaching the brake on the frontwheel.
(MOROCCO - 1960)

Not connected
The horses are not connected to the carriage.
(SPAIN - 1963)

Not a nice exemple !
It is unrealistic that after a frontal crash, other cars continue their way and do not stop to help the victims.
(BOTSWANA - 1990)

Wrong country
The Bugatti is a French car, not an Italian one.
(NIGER - 1981)

Missing wheels
The 2 right wheels atr missing.
(FRANCE - 2013)

Wrong side
The car is parked or is driving at the wrong side of the street.
(CANADA - 1982)

Misssing hyphen
ROLLS-ROYCE without hyphen

Wrong side
According to this traffic sign, cars have to drive at the left side of the road to pass the Gotthard tunnel

Wrong spelling
Wrong : Che´vrolet - Correct : Chevrolet
(MALAWI - 1990)

Missing letter
Wrong : Tyrell - Correct : Tyrrell.
(PARAGUAY - 1978)

Missing hyphen
ROLLS-ROYCE without hyphen

Error in name
The name of this car in the Disney movie is HERBIE, not HERBY
(TANZANIA - 1990)

Bicycle errors
Two errors : missing chains, and on one bicycle the plateau was featured is at the left side instead of right
(FRANCE - 2013)