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Big steps, small traces
Despite their big steps, these strange little men leave small traces in the snow.
(GREENLAND - 1962)

Only one seat without safety bar !
Not easy to promote your village as a ski paradise, as there is only one seat available, moreover not equipped with a safety bar.
(ROMANIA - 1964)

Skis of different length !
Can anyone explain why the two skis are exactly in line, and not the left and the right foot
(KAMPUCHEA - 1984)

Missing face protection
Playing ice hockey without face protectors is not only dangerous, it is against the rules.
(RUSSIA - 1962)

Wrong dress
According to the international Skating Union's rules, ladies must wear skirts, they must have skirts and pants covering the hips and posterior. A unitard is not acceptable…

Missing stick
The stick of the number-6 player is missing.
(GERMANY - 1975)

Out of proportion
Comparing to the keeper, the size of the goal is out of proportion.
(ROMANIA - 1970)

Backwards or forwards ?
The billowing skirt of the skater shows that she is executing a graceful left back spiral. However the tracing on the ice suggests a forward movement.
(JAPAN - 1949)

Out of proportion
In curling, the disk has a diameter of 30cm, the same size as the white centre stip in the red circle.
(CANADA - 1969)

Wrong size
The size of the rifle is much too small.
(ROMANIA - 1969)

Too long
The sticks have a different length, and in any case the right one is much too long.
(ROMANIA - 1971)

Missing protection
In ski competitions a head protection is mandatory.
(ROMANIA - 1971)

Falling jumper
Wrong and strange position of the arms of this skijumper
(ALBANIA - 1968)

Summer ski
Skiing at the summer Olympics of 1980 in Moscow ? Why not.
(ANDORRA - 1980)

Forwards or backwards ?
The billowing skirt of the skater shows that she is is moving to the roght of the stamp. However the tracing on the ice suggests that she is moving left.

Two our four ?
Stamp honouring the Italian winner of the 'Bob a 4' race during the Wintet Olympic games, but only a two-men bobsleigh is pictured.
(GUINEA - 1972)

One too less or too much.
There are bobsleigh competitions for 2 and 4-manned bobsleighs, but not for 3-manned bobs as pictured here.
(HUNGARY - 1972)

Two left hands
Two left hands, and and impossible way to hold the rifle with the left arm.

With style.
On the picture, the Crown Prince Olav is jumping with his hat. His style on the stamp looks much better than on the picture !
(NORWAY - 1979)

No footsteps.
No footsteps in the snow. Those men must have been there for a very long time.

Missing footsteps.
No footsteps in the snow.

Wrong snowcristal
Snowcristal with only five branches instead of six.
(RUSSIA - 1964)

Missing face protection
Missing face protection.
(RUSSIA - 1965)

Wrong flag
The Norwegian Per TYLDUM, who won the 5 miles on skiis, is connected here tothe Swedisch flag.
(CHAD - 1972)

Not present
Curling was not included in the Winter Olympic Games of Grenoble
(SHARJAH - 1968)

Against the rules
The two-man bobsleigh has a steering wheel, but since 1950 only steering ropes have been allowed.
(SHARJAH - 1968)

Not an Olympic Competition
Competitions for tobogganing are not at the program of the Winter Olympic Games
(SHARJAH - 1968)

Wrong shape
The shape of the cup featured on this stamp is not the current one as can be seen on a photograph.
(CANADA - 1987)

Missing ski
Only one ski.

Wrong position
The stick has to be held as close a possible to the body
(AUSTRIA - 1964)

Error in name
Wrong : TOMANEN - Correct name of the winner is Jouko TÖRMÄNEN

Strange dress
The yellow dress is not in use at the Olympic Games.

One year too late
250th anniversary of the engineering school in Prague. As this school was founded in 1706, the stamp was issued one year too late.

Why not ?
Ski jumping as a teamsport ?

The rifleman on the right has lost his ski-sticks and has no number on his chest.

Not present
Alpine skiing was not a competition at the International Skimeeting in Lahti, Finland.
(FINLAND - 1938)

Not real
Bobsleigh is not organised in open field, but in a protected tunnel scarved in the snow.
(KAMPUCHEA - 1983)

Wrong position
Rifle-shooting on skis is done from an erect position, see other stamp.
(HUNGARY - 1964)

Without cage
Ice hockey goal without cage

Old fashion
The skates, pictured on this stamp, are old-fashionednskates ot a type that was popular before the First World War, but highly unlikely for modern chanpionship cont'estants.
(HUNGARY - 1964)

Impossible position of this jumper, who can only crash on the ice.
(BURUNDI - 1972)

Wrong competition
Bobsleigh with four was not a competition at the Olympic Games of 1960.
(TOGO - 1960)

Not present
Downhill skiing... without skis was not a competition at the Summer Olympic Games in 1956.

Missing protection
In ice hockey, a head protection is obligatory.

Missing skis
Skirunner, ... without skis !
(KAMPUCHEA - 1989)

Missing protection
Ice hockey without a face protection is not only dangerous, it is forbidden.
(RUSSIA - 1970)

Missing person
Only one person is featured, but the german inscription says : two-men bobsled.
(MONGOLIA - 1989)

Not present
Downhill skiing was not a competition at the Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid.

Différent styles
Different times, different styles.
(ARGENTINA - 1962)

Wrong number
During the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Games, Jean Claude Killy won his races wearing number 14, not 16.
(FRANCE - 2000)

No competition
Bobsleigh with three people was not a competition at the Grenoble Winter Olympics.
(SPAIN - 1968)

Not olympic
As far as we know, snow-scooting is not an Olympic sport.
(BURUNDI - 1972)

Missing stick
One stick is missing, and in any case it is much too long to be really helpful

Missing ski
Skijump with only one ski was not an Olympic event at the games of Albertville.
(FRANCE - 1990)

New competition ?
Figure skating on ice in team, mybe a nice idea, but not reaslistic.
(UPPER VOLTA - 1980)

Too dangerous !
Downhill skiing in pack like a cycling race, too dangerous to be realistic !
(UPPER VOLTA - 1980)

Impossible position
This is an impossible position during a jump, as if the lady was flying above the ice.

Not realistic
Bobsleigh is not organised in open field, but in a protected tunnel scarved in the snow.
(AJMAN - 1972)

Wrong position
In this position, the skier will miss the next gate.

Not the correct material
Ice hockey goal without net.

One too much
Two skiers on the track during a downhill race.
(ALGERIA - 1968)

Without protection
Ice hockey player without face protection.
(UPPER VOLTA - 1972)

Not present
A Curling competition was not organized at the Olympic Wintergames in 1968,
(SHARJAH - 1968)

Not present
Individual downhill sleigh was not a competition at the Olympic Wintergames in 1968.
(SHARJAH - 1968)

The brand of the skis is visible, and this is against the rule that no publicity is allowed on stamps.
(FINLAND - 1988)

One too much
Only two runners compete in speed competitions on ice.
(TOGO - 1971)

Two or four
During the Wintergames of Abertville, there was no bobsleigh competition for one person, only two or four.
(LAO - 1992)

Missing branche
A snow cristal has six branches, not five.
(CANADA - 1988)

As the front of one of the skis is curved, one could expect that the other one should be curved too.
(SPAIN - 1981)

More than one
Iceskating with more than one partecipant at the same time
(AJMAN - 1972)

Missing stick
Only one stick !
(RUSSIA - 1972)

Not at the Olympic Games
Baseball is not an olympic competition
(NICARAGUA - 1988)

Strange team sport
Ski jumping as a team sport ? Never seen before !lp

Where are the medals ?
At the Olympic games, the winners only recieve medals, no other presents.
(Paraguay - 1987)

Summer skiing
Skiing at the summer Olympic Games in Montreal ?
(ANDORRA - 1976)

Missing cage
Ice hockey goal without cage
(NICARAGUA - 1987)