Fairy tailes

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Snow White
Snow White and the seven Dwarfs : when poisoned, she wears a short-sleeved blouse, an apron and a skirt with green dots. But in her coffin, she is wearing a long-sleeved blouse, no apron and a skirt with short blue lines.
(GERMANY - 1962)

Differents boots ?
The spurs on the cats boots have 6 points on some values on this series, but 7 points on other stamps

Moving colors.
Story of the Wolf and the seven Kids. The mother leaves the house wearing a green-striped blouse and a skirt with red crosses and a green pattern. On her return all these colors have changed, and the collar of the youngest Kid has moved from green to blue.
(GERMANY - 1963)

Wrong area.
The miracle of Good King Wenceslas : the old man is gathering wood in a threeless area.

Changed design
The miracle of Good King Wenceslas : the ornamentations on the dishes carried by the king and the page are not the same on all the stamps of this series.

Other dress.
The story of Sleeping Beauty : when the princess was waken by the prince, she wears a yellow instead of a red dress.
(GERMANY - 1964)

Other dess.
The girl leaves and comes back home with a double red-lined apron, which on her way becomes single-lined. Furthermore her green dress suddenly becomes blue.
(GERMANY - 1961)

Other dress.
Cinderella weares another dress between the first and second stamp, another belt between the second and third stamp. And the Price another crown between stamp 3 and 4.
(GERMANY - 1965)

Not the real one ?
The real Superman has a big red S covering a most of his chest.

Wrong location
This scene did not happen in the Museum of Science and Industry, but in the Field Museum of Natural History
(MALDIVES - 1992)

Wrong colors
According to the Shan Hai Jing legend, a red bow and white arrows are used to shoot the sun.
(CHINA - 1987)

Not accurate
According to the fairy tale Frau Holle, the golden rain and the pitch rain stick firmly to the clothes of the two sisters, and is not falling behind them.
(GERMANY - 1967)

Wrong colour
According to the story of Liu Bei, represented on this stamp, he is riding a brown horse, not a white one.
(CHINA - 1987)

Wrong representation
According to the story of Liu Bei, represented on this stamp, his friends are waiting standing by the balustrade, instead of sitting on the floor.
(CHINA - 1987)