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Wrong dress
In an Australian football game, the payers of one team always wear black shorts, the players on the other team white shorts.
(AUSTRALIA - 1977)

Fighting teammates
These two players wear the same outfit and should belong to the same team. So there is no reason why they are fighting for the ball.
(FINLAND - 1952)

Comparing to the keeper, the size of the goal is out of proportion.
(CAMEROON - 1964)

Big players
In volleyball, the net is 2m40 above the ground, these players are real giants !
(ROMANIA - 1963)

Shifted colour
Due to the shifted black colour, the goalkeeper seems to have switched his shirt with a field player

Wrong cap
This stamp honours Roberto CLEMENTE, the great Pittsburg baseball player. The Pittsburg Pirates however never wear white baseball caps

Potential conflict
Both Russia and Brazil claimed the victory on the World Basketball competition in 1959. The Russian team were unbeaten, but refused to play against Taiwan in the final. Russia was disqualified and replaced by Brazil, who finally won.
(BRAZIL - 1959)

Against the rules
Three stamps with, on each of them, a fault against the soccer rules.

Wrong equipment
Soccer, without shoes and adapted clothes, at the Olympic Games ?
(BHUTAN - 1964)

Wrong uniform
When Pelé scored his 1000th goal, he was not playing for the Brazilian team, but for his home team Santos.
(BRAZIL - 1969)

Missing team
All the players belong to the same team, and do not have individual shirt numbers.

Catcher in an official cricket game without face protection
(GUYANA - 1968)

Wrong result
The result of the final match in the worldcup 1930 between URUGUAY and ARGENTINA was 4-2, not 4-1

Wrong net or wrong ball
This is a volleyball net, but the ball and the position of the hands refer to a basketball game.
(TANZANIA - 1988)

Strange playground.
Tennis and soccer on the same field, on the top an an hill, without guard. How much time will they spend searching the balls ?

Missing hole
In basketball, the net has a hole to let the ball go through.
(ITALY - 1997)

Missing ball
Missing ball ? In any case not the right ball to play volleyball
(NICARAGUA - 1988)

Wrong ball
Rather a ball to play basket- than volleyball.
(VIET NAM - 1990)

Wrong dress
According to the way the players are dressed, three different teams seem to play against each other.
(FRANCE - 1956)

Missing stage
This tour started and ended in Prague. The last stage from Pilsen back to Prague was forgotten.

Missing stripes
The white shoulder stripes are missing on the shirt of the French players.
(IVORY COAST - 1986)

Missing and wrong colours
The white shoulder stripes are missing on the shirt of the French players, anbd the Brasilians had blue pants.
(IVORY COAST - 1986)

Fantom game
In 1986 in Mexico Argentina never played against the Soviet Union.
(IVORY COAST - 1986)

Strange ball
Wrong representation of a soccer ball.
(RWANDA - 1966)

Not present
The Danish player Frank Arnesen was suspended and did not partecipate at the game against Spain in 1986 in Mexico.
(NEVIS - 1986)

Wrong team
The Swedish team featured on the stamp is not the team which won a Bronce Medal during the World Cup in 1994.

Wrong fixing
To avoid that the ball bounces back into the field, the nets are not fixed directly to the supports
(TOGO - 1996)

Red line
There is not a red line on the shorts of the French soccer players
(NICARAGUA - 1986)

Wrong direction
The stripes on the shirts of Argentinas soccer team are vertical, not horizontal.
(RWANDA - 1974)

No relation
A chess championship has nothing to do with an Olympiade, the orgenisation of the Olympic Games.

Not present
Greece, Norway and Armenia did not partecipate to the World Cup 2006.
(ARMENIA - 2006)

Strange game
One of the field players is wearing white gloves on both hands, and the catcher is partecipating to the game with his protection mask.

Abused use
Olympic logo for the 3rd African games.
(ALGERIA - 1978)

Second ball ?
Drop the boll near the goal can happen, but why is the other player looking as if he is expecting another ball ?

Wrong outfit
In soccer, the goalkeeper and the fieldplayers have always a different outfit.

Too close
The pedals are too close to the frame, the lever will be insufficient to develop enough power.
(ARGENTINA - 1963)

Missing protection
In hockey, the goalkeeper always wears a protection mask.

Too wide
The goal is too wide, compared with the length of the goalkeeper.
(CHAD - 1964)

Too small
In soccer, the rectangle around the goal is 5,5 m width, thus three times the size of a player.
(BELGIUM - 1998)

Wrong shirt
France did not partecipate to the World soccer championship in 1994.
(BULGARIA - 1994)

No advertising
At the European soccer championships, the teams wear country-shirts without advertising.
(NICARAGUA - 1988)

A red card, or at least a yellow one, will be the decision of every referee for such a dangerous move.

Missing count
As the following year the 16th games were organised, this could not have been the 7th games.
(BULGARIA - 1977)

Too low
This vollleyball net is too low
(ITALY - 1971)

Huge leg
With such a huge leg, it should be easy to win teh match.
(HUNGARY - 1985)

Too narrow
The goal is much too narrow.
(GUINEA - 1997)

Too low
The volleyball net is much too low.
(ITALY - 1977)

Why is the red player looking at the camera, and not at the ball ?

Wrong shape
Soccerball with one 6-sided tile, while the other ones are 5-sided.
(CHILE - 1987)

Not present
Basketballplayers with shirts of the national team of Turkey, but they did not partecipate to this Olympic games.
(TURKEY - 1960)

Wrong lines
Wrong representation of the lines on a soccer field.
(VIET NAM - 1985)

Not clever !
The goalkeeper is catching the ball behind the goal line !
(VIET NAM - 1986)

With and without
Pete Rose and other famous baseball players were depicted on this sheet. On request of the major league baseball, which had banned Rose from the sport for betting on baseball games, a new sheet was issued without this player.
(GRENADA - 1988)

Wrong tour
This stamp shows neither the tour of 1903, neither the tour of 1953
(FRANCE - 1953)

Wrong outfit
All payers have the same white outfit. Impossible to make a difference between a teammate, an opponent or the goalkeeper.
(MEXICO - 1977)

Wrong clothing
Wrong representation of the olympic rings - female volleyball players do not wear skirts

Bicycle errors
Two errors : missing chains, and on one bicycle the plateau was featured is at the left side instead of right
(FRANCE - 2013)