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Wrong person
This is not TIVADAR Puskás, but his brother FERENC Puskás.
(HUNGARY - 1954)

Out of proportion
In curling, the disk has a diameter of 30cm, the same size as the white centre stip in the red circle.
(CANADA - 1969)

Wrong person
Stamp commemorating the birth of Betsy ROSS as the designer of the first Stars and Stripes flag. Historians however agree that she played no part in its design, the claim was made by her grandson long after her death.

Inverted painting
Pre-printed postcard with an inverted painting of VAN DIJCK. Compare with the real painting.
(BELGIUM - 1999)

Why planes ?
There were no planes in the sky during the parade organized to celebrate the liberation of Paris.

Curved road
Stamp issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1.500 miles highway linking British Columbia to Alaska. Comparing to the original photo, the straight road has been curved.

Changed design
The design of this stamp was based on a painting by Benjamin West. However 3 people were removed and one added.

Against the rules
Jim LAMB, the designer of this stamp, used a picture of himself, taken by his wife, to design this stamp. This is in violation of the US law stating that no portrait or likeness of any living person is allowed on stamps.

Wrong clock.
Clock on the Parliament tower of Ottawa : IV on the stamp is in fact IIII, VIII only shows VII, and on the real clock the numbers point to the centre.
(CANADA - 1965)

Wrong mountain
This stamp do not show the Castillo mountains, but the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomits in Italy
(CHILE - 1979)

Changed design
On the original photograph the banner did not wear the word DEUTSCHLAND, which in any way has an incorrect short S instead of an long one in the middle of the word.

Mirror image
Mirror image on the stamp, comparing to the original photo.

Commemoration of KOLEMAINEN winning the 5.000m race at the Olympic games in Stockholm. His victory was not so easy as shown on the stamp : the Frenchman J. BOUVIN seemed to be in the lead, and lost only in the last meters.
(FINLAND - 1990)

Wrong representation
The Pont du GARD has 4 little arches between two pillars, not 3 as designed on the stamp.
(FRANCE - 1929)

One too much
According to the photograph, this aerotrain has seven and not eight propeller blades.
(FRANCE - 1970)

Wrong blood circulation
Incorrect presentation of the human blood circulation : there should be one down and one return path, both splitting somewhere in the middle of the body.
(HUNGARY - 1973)

Inverted image.
Inverted image of the townhouse of Thorn.
(GERMANY - 1940)

Mirror portrait.
The design of this stamp was based on an existing protrait of Immanuel Kant, but has wrongly been mirrored.
(GERMANY - 1974)

Missing pillar !
The Parthenon-temple in Athens has 8 pilars on its font side, not seven !
(GREECE - 1961)

Wrong inventor.
This is not Rudolf DIESEL, but James WATT, pictured with his steam engine.
(GRENADA - 1987)

Wrong inventor.
This is not James WATT, but Rudolf DIESEL pictured with his engine.
(GRENADA - 1987)

Wrong hand
The statue on the top of the post building in Dublin holds the javelin in the right hand.
(IRELAND - 1990)

Wrong title.
The correct name of this book is 'Le confessioni di un Italiano'
(ITALY - 1961)

Wrong clock.
The clock on the Pallazo Vecchio is featured with two hands on this stamp. The real clock has only one hand.
(ITALY - 1961)

Mirrored symbol.
Mirrored representation of the communist hammer en sickle symbol.

Wrong side.
As shown by the picture, the LZ-HINDENBURG touched the ground with his rear before being destroyed.
(MALI - 1977)

With style.
On the picture, the Crown Prince Olav is jumping with his hat. His style on the stamp looks much better than on the picture !
(NORWAY - 1979)

Inverted towers
The towers of this catheral are shown inverted

Wrong side
Tower at the wrong side of the church.

Wrong and inverted.
This is not the first landing on the moon on July 21st 1969, but an inverted picture of James Irving, taken during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971
(SAN MARINO - 1993)

Wrong representation
The plane of A. Dumont did not have a tail wheel.
(SAN MARINO - 1962)

Too long
Medal of the French Academy : the medal's ribbon us much too long.
(FRANCE - 1959)

Inverted logotype
The logotype on the plane tail is reversed.

Wrong immatriculation
The identification of the Junkers F13 that belonged to the Lutherian Mission Finschafen was VH-UTS. The VH-UTM was a GAL ST-12 Monospar that disappeared above Queensland on 16.2.1942

Adapted painting
From a painting of Eugène Charpentier, the battle of Solférino. De soldier watching the scene was moved to fit on the stamp..
(FRANCE - 1966)

Upside down
The Citroën sign on the front of the car is upside down.
(MONGOLIA - 1989)

Inverted painting, compare with original
(LIBERIA - 1969)

Wrong number
Daffodils have 6 floral leaves, not 5 as featured on this stamp.
(PAKISTAN - 1962)

Not easy and secure
The bearers use the same shoulder, which is less confortable and same than alternate the sholders.
(MALAGASY - 1908)

Mirror image
The Lira de Braccio has been reversed on this stamp, making it impossible to play
(MALDIVES - 1985)

Errors in coat of arms
The Red Lion, symbol of Scotland, had only one border instead of 2, the Irish harp has no strings, and the chain of the Unicorn is missing
(ANTIGUA - 1903)

Wrong flag
The big stars in the Australian flag have to be eight-pointed, not six or seven like featured on this stamp.
(AUSTRALIA - 1953)

Wrong person
Instead of Ian DALTON, this stamp features W.C. WENTWORTH, co-founder of 'The Australian'.
(AUSTRALIA - 1974)

Unfortunate illustration
The choice of the illustration for this Christmas airmail letter is a little bit unfortunate : it is a Doomsday Angel from Dürer's woodcut 'The whore of Babylon'
(AUSTRALIA - 1974)

Wrong twist
The stamps shows too much twists in the wreath of the Australian coat-of-arms.
(AUSTRALIA - 1976)

Wrong direction
The lid covering the pipe opens in the wrong direction
(AUSTRIA - 1934)

Truncated portrait made by Matisse, and used without authorization. The signature of the painter was moved.
(FRANCE - 1991)

Dangerous position
There are no seats in a canoé, the occcupants are seated on the bottom.
(CANADA - 1957)

Not professional
Cards are not ordered correctly (by colour, then in increasing or decreasing order).
(MALI - 1978)

Retouched picture
The cigarette was removed from the original picture.
(FRANCE - 1996)

Too close
This Zeppelin is much too close to the castle. And he cannot fly from left to right, as there is an hill at the left side of the castle.

Other territory
The islands right below do not belong to the Bahamas, but to the Turks and Caicos islands
(BAHAMAS - 1976)

Not the first
The first statue of Nelson was already erected in Montreal in 1808, not a the Barbados in 1818
(BARBADOS - 1906)

One A too much
The Ford AA model is a van. This is a Ford A.
(BARBADOS - 1983)

Wrong map
Jamaica was brought into the picture where San Domingo, a much bigger island ought to be.
(BARBADOS - 1969)

Reversed protrait
Queen Victoria ordered to be only pictured from the left side. For the composition of this stamp, an existing portrait had to be reversed.

Wrong area
Okapis live in forest and high grass, never in open spaces.

The sigaret was removed on the stamp.

Missing ring
The pastoral ring is missing on a finger of the right hand.
(BELGIUM - 1965)

Wrong tower
The tower shown on this stamp was nevere built.
(BELGIUM - 1948)

Bad copy
The handle to switch the points was copied from the pictures, but there are no real points to see on the stamp.
(AUSTRIA - 2010)

Missing claws
In this position, the claws of this Gyrfalcon should have been visible.
(SWEDEN - 1981)

Two errors
The Thalys has only one big front window, and in the logo, the name is placed on the left.
(BELGIUM - 1998)

Wrong colour
The red cap with number 1 is reserved for the goalkeeper.
(ITALY - 1994)

Missing letter
Wrong : JUBILEUM - Correct : JUBILAEUM. See picture.
(ITALY - 1999)

Error in name
In 1870, the Robert E. Lee won a famed steamboat race against the Natchez, going from St. Louis, Missouri to New Orleans, NATCHEZ is written NATCHES on the stamp.
(BHUTAN - 1989)

Wrong map
The map includes a territory between the rivers Orange and Molopo that belongs to the Republic of South Africa
(BOTSWANA - 1975)

Southern Cross
Wrong representation of the Southern Cross constellation
(VICTORIA - 1886-8)

Southern Cross
Wrong representation of the Southern Cross constellation
(VICTORIA - 1901)

Moved by hands
Gandhi always used a manual spinning wheel moved by hands, not by feed as showed here.
(BRAZIL - 1969)

One too much
The leaves of a maple tree grow two by two. You will not find three leaves growing from the same point.
(CANADA - 1964)

Wrong logo
Guides with the emblem of boy scouts. The girls emblem is a tree leaf clover.

Wrong ears
The elephant shown to illustrate the Ceylon Nature Conservation Week is not an Asian one, but an African elephant with large floppy ears.

Wrong place
This stamp commemoratiing the First Internationalwas intended to show St Martin's Hall, Long Acre, where the International Working People Union was founded in 1864. By mistake this stamp bears an illustration of the St Martins-in-theField's church ar Trafalgar square.
(CHINA - 1964)

Error in name
Wrong : SERGHEI - Correct : SERGEI

Wrong side.
The piano lid opens right on the stamp, on all pianos they open left.
(CUBA - 1974)

Different ranks
De pilots did not have the same rank, Barberan was captain, Collar was Lieutenant.
(CUBA - 1968)

Wrong color
The Bukkfinch has a black beak, not white as on the stamp

Mixed constellations
The Lepus (Hare) and Lupus (Wolf) constellations were interchanged.

Wrong logo
Olympic logo of Innsbruck 1976 is not correct : the name of the city surrounds the logo.

Inverted portrait, compare with picture.
(DAHOMEY - 1974)

One too much
This bird has only three toes on each foot.
(FEROE - 1978)

Inverted representation of this accordion
(FRANCE - 1990)

Missing stars
The two stars were ommitted in this fleur-de lys symbol.
(FRANCE - 1947)

Wrong ship
This battleship is not La Capricieuse, the stamp was made from a design of another ship, La Galathée.
(FRANCE - 1955)

Wrong colour
In the arms of Paris, the lilies do not have a white colour, but a gold colour.
(FRANCE - 1962)

One too much
On the stamp the clock of the famous bell-tower La gros-Horloge in Rouen has two pointers, in reality there is only one.
(FRANCE - 1976)

Against the rules
According to the French law, living humans should not appear on stamps. Apparently an exception was made for the French champion Jacques Anquetil.
(FRANCE - 1972)

Not the best illustration
This electrocardiogram graph is from a person with an heart disease, perhaps not the best way to promote sport. And the position of arms and legs of the middle runner is incoherent.

Missing parts
The aerials were omitted on the stamp.
(FINLAND - 1929)

Misquotation from the German Federal Republic Charter. Wrong : Die Staatsgewalt geht vom Volke aus - Correct : Alle Staatsgewalt geht vom Volke aus.
(GERMANY - 1981)

Missing ornaments
Tegel castle has pointed ornaments on top, omitted perhaps to leave room for the inscription ?
(GERMANY - 1965)

One hand
The clock on the Turku-Abo tower has only one hand.
(FINLAND - 1979)

One little detail
Almost perfect copy, except the board in the back ground : identical flowers on the stamp, but different signs in réality.
(BELGIUM - 1977)

Wrong ship
This Hessund bridge is connectiong two islands. The boat featured on the stamp is the M/S Roine, whitch never operated at sea, only on lakes.
(FINLAND - 1963)

Not real
Bobsleigh is not organised in open field, but in a protected tunnel scarved in the snow.
(KAMPUCHEA - 1983)

Inverted portrait of the sculptor Jean Baptiste CARPEAUX.
(FRANCE - 1975)

Inverted statue
At the left, the statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius at the Capitlole in Rome is shown inversed.
(FRANCE - 1963)

Wrong colors
Wrong colors on the shield og Tarragona : blue instead of red, and silver instead of gold.
(SPAIN - 1965)

Bad copy
The stamp shows a drawing from the astronomer J. Kepler. But soms signs or letters were changed or omitted.
(GERMANY - 1971)

Two différences
The owner's flag was not triangular but had a square shape. And a white line was painted all along the ship.
(GERMANY - 1977)

Many errors
Many errors even for a black and white representation : silver lion in first quarter, silver eagles on a red band in the third quarter, lion on a black field in the fourth quarter.
(GERMANY - 1957)

Wrong name
Wrong : Apatura ilia - Correct : Apatura iris.
(HUNGARY - 1959)

Error in map
The cities Mahlanapeng and Mokhotlong have been transposed.
(LESOTHO - 1974)

Little changes
Changes comparing to the original picture, as the sigaret was removed.

Language error
The designer tried to translate an old Dutch text to modern Dutch, but made a big mistake.

Wrong date
The stamps tells us that this painting was made in in 1590. But a closer look at the right upper corner of this painting reveals the real year : 1570

The view on the maximum card shows that the stamp represents an inverted view of the city St Tropez.
(FRANCE - 2007)

Upside down
Float of the fishing line is pictured upside down.
(FRANCE - 1999)

Strange ball
Wrong representation of a soccer ball.
(RWANDA - 1966)

No risks
On the original drawing, a black child is holding a white one. A French stamp from 1989 shows it correctly, but on the American one, no risk was taken, with two white chiildren.

Wrong pyramid
In line with the sphinx is not the Cheops pyramid, but the Chefren pyramid.
(MALI - 1971)

Little detail
At the air rally of 1914, this Farman owned by Renaux was equipped with skis to be able to land on water.
(MONACO - 1964)

Wrong direction
Representation of a stamp of Sardaigne with the nscription BOLLO written from te botton to the top.
(MONACO - 1960)

Small difference
The position of the white star is not correct.
(CUBA - 1950)

Only two
Playing cards do not have three top rows.
(BELGIUM - 1944)

Wrong building
This building is not the First Governor's Residence, but an old crank mill built in 1827 in the neighbourhood.
(NORFOLK - 1953)

Missing brigde
Between the medallion and the rght border of the river, a portion of Wesminster Bridge should be visible.
(NIGERIA - 1946)

Incorrect stars
Instead of the three eight-pointed stars with wavy arms, the stamp shows three six-pointed mullets with straight-sided arms.
(NEW ZEALAND - 1950)

Wrong design
The Boletus lurigus is not equipped with lamelles (flakes) but with small underneath pipes.
(NICARAGUA - 1985)

Wrong representation
The Xerocomus illudens is not equipped with lamelles (flakes) but with small underneath pipes.
(NICARAGUA - 1985)

Not the correct dove
The dove has sonce long been an international symbol symbol of peace, but this birds howeverf, are not doves, but Trumpeter pigeons.
(POLAND - 1950)

Not professional
The designer of the stamp had better consulted a trained nurse : wrong side, and not close enough.
(ROMANIA - 1976)

From three to two
El Greco's Holy Trinity has been reduced to a duo, as the dove, representing the Holy Ghost was omitted on the stamp.
(SPAIN - 1961)

Missing countries
Greenland and Iceland are missing on the map in the red heart.
(BELGIUM - 1972)

Not historically correct
Centurion on horseback carrying an eagle standard. The standard is much too short, and was borne by a special standard-bearer who went on foot and wore a bearskin cap.

Small modifications
Compared to the original tapestry of Bayeux, a dead body was removed, the others moved, and two bowmen were added.

Wrong order
The order of the scenes of the Bayeux tapestry was not respected. The first stamp shows a scene that on the tapestry follows the scene on the third stamp.

Wrong city
This stamp does not show La Valetta, the capital of Malta, but Fort San Angelo in the town called Vittoriosa.

Entrance of the Versailles castel inverted on the stamp.

Missing island
This stamp shows a bay called First Boca, but from this position another island should be visible.

View of Munchen on the stamp is inverted.
(LIBERIA - 1972)

Wrong colors
Wong colors of the rainbow.
(MONGOLIA - 1980)

Six too much
Snow crystal with twelve branches instead of six.
(RUSSIA - 1973)

Two errors
Mississipe instead of Mississipi, and too far to the west (see map, the river should almost be below Michigan)
(HAITI - 1959)

Double error
The abbreviation of Franc is Fand not f. ANd the red and yellow colours have been mixed up in the upper part of the stamp.
(FRANCE - 1954)

The 'Little Navigator' has been reversed from the original statue in the New Bedford Museum, and is therefore, performing an impossible function, holding the octant in his left hand.

At the end of the second World War Poland became a Republic. From then the crown above the eagle was removed from the coat of arms.

Wrong fish
This is certainly not a Tarpon, amongst other characteristics, the Tarpon has a blunt head and only one dorsal fin.

Wrong side
In this old car, the driver was seated at the right, not at the left side.

Error in name
The correct name of Heyse's novel is 'Das Mädchen von TREPPI, not 'von TERRPI'.
(SWEDEN - 1970)

Wrong car
The car pictured on this stamp is not an 1934 M.G. MIDGET PA, but actually a 1934 PANHARD LEVASSOR.

Wrong direction
The foal is shown feeding from behind. The correct way to feed is shown on a British stamp and on a picture.
(SWEDEN - 1946)

Additional row
The Unesco headquarters have one row additional of balconies comparing to the stamp.
(FRANCE - 1958)

Wrong number
During the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Games, Jean Claude Killy won his races wearing number 14, not 16.
(FRANCE - 2000)

Bad style
What a bad technique, certainly not a winners jump !
(SPAIN - 1972)

Wrong direction
The angel on the column at the Place the la Bastille in Paris is looking in the wrong direction.
(FRANCE - 1989)

Missing harness
No reins and no harness, so the woman is doing all the work.
(FRANCE - 1940)

Wrong transcription
In the text of the Delaration of the Rights, 'devoirs' was erroneously transcripted to 'pouvoirs'.
(FRANCE - 1989)

Wrong direction
The direction of thelaser beam is not perpendicular to the eye, and will damage it.
(FRANCE - 2001)

Wrong representation
Wrong representation of the pyramids site ogf Giza.
(MONGOLIA - 1990)

Wrong place
Those pilars are not located in front of the central building, but at the entrance of the Escorial Memorial.
(SPAIN - 1959)

Wrong landscape
The chuch of Domrémy is not located behind the house of Jeanne d'Arc, and has no needle-shaped tower.
(FRANCE - 1996)

Missing wings
The Caduceus has two little wings that have been omitted on this stamp.
(FRANCE - 1938)

Compare the haircut on the stamp with that on the picture : it is obvious that on the stamp, the scientist A. Calmette was represented inverted.
(FRANCE - 1948)

Wrong landscape
The mountain and the church on the background do not exist in reality.
(FRANCE - 1995)

Wrong colour
As the colour of the olive branch in the coat of arms of Reims is green, it should have been represented in a dark colour in a black and with representation.
(FRANCE - 1941)

Wrong landscape
The designer did not made the effort of forgot to represent a big part of the city of Dinan in the Rance Valley.
(FRANCE - 1961)

Wrong landscape
Wrong landscape : the city of Millau-Aveyron is not located as close to the canyon of Tarn.
(FRANCE - 1997)

Error in flag
The star on the flag of this country is not white but gold or yellow.

Wrong colour
Wrong colour of the rocks on which the eagle is standing.
(FRANCE - 1958)

Wrong name
This is not a 'Western cattle in Storm' but a painting by James McWhirter : Cattle in the Scottish Highlands.

Wrong represention
Wrong represenatation of this Feinwerkbau 65 pistol.

Wrong map
The Hudson Bay has almost completely disappeared.
(VENEZUELA - 1956)

Too short
The distance between the polar star and the great Bear (Ursa Major) is much longer.

Wrong border
Wrong representation of the border between France and Italy.
(FRANCE - 1955)

Wrong repressentation
The AIDS virus is usually represented with tentackles, not withs needles.
(ITALY - 1989)

Wrong hand
Statue of Liberty with the flame in the wrong hand.
(GRENADA - 1986)

Inverted representation on the stamp, comparing to the original painting of Jeroen Krabbé.

Wrong direction
As this ship is sailing, the smoke cannot leave the funnel as faetured on the stamp. See painting of this ship with a more correct representation.

Wrong direction
The skyline of the city of Berlin is not visible behind the Brandenburger Gate.

Too high
The Zeiss-building in Iena has only 14 floors, not 16.

Wrong position
Wrong position of the left big star.
(BRAZIL - 1966)

Wrong tail
A deer does not have aan upwards pointing tail.
(SAN MARINO - 1962)

Inverted portrait of President Truman.
(BRAZIL - 1947)

Construction fault
The strings of this violin do not stop at the tenders, but continue till the top.
(CANADA - 1962)

Wrong representation of the Hudson Bay. Compare with the map.
(CANADA - 1966)

Too small
The size of this tennisball is far too small comparing to the hand.

Wrong direction
An hibernating bat hangs with its claws turned backwards.
(TONGA - 1992)

Wrong position
The position of the island Madagascar is not correct, comparing to Africa.
(BENIN - 1982)

On this stamp 'Stonewall' Jackson is raised to full general, though in fact even in the Confederation army his highest rank was Lieutnant General.

Forgotten crew
Saturnus rocket is leaving for the Moon without the space capsule.
(ALBANIA - 1999)

Wrong border
Wrong design of the border between France and Italy.
(ALGERIA - 1955)

Inverted portrait of Cervantes.
(ARGENTINA - 1947)

Wrong position
Wrong position of the left arm.
(BULGARIA - 1971)

Wrong bicycle design
The designer of this stamp obviously does not know how the bicycle is designed.
(FRANCE - 2002)

Missing legs
Crab with a missing pair of legs
(BRAZIL - 1993)

Wrong colors in this rainbow

Poor representation
Very poor representation of the beautiful first British stamp
(ROMANIA - 1990)

Wrong represention
Wrong representation of a golden medal from the Omympic Games in Tokyo
(BULGARIA - 1964)

Wrong flag
Wrong represenataion of the Togo's flag
(TOGO - 1964)

Missing man
This kind of saw has to be powered by to men, one at each side.
(ITALY - 1950)

Missing cable
In official competition, the fencers are connected by cable to register their hits.
(MOROCCO - 1960)

Not modern
Discus thrower without shirt and using an ancient disc type.
(UPPER VOLTA - 1972)

Without protection
Ice hockey player without face protection.
(UPPER VOLTA - 1972)

Too the left
The map on the stamp is slightly turned to to left comparing to the exact situation.

The portrait of Benjamin Franklin was inverted on this stamp.

As can be seen at his haircut, this is an inverted representation of Prince Charles. And Princes Diana was pourly pictured.
(BENIN - )

Mixed traditions
A Christmas Santa with the crozier of Santa Claus : a strange mix of two different traditions.
(BRAZIL - 1968)

Too narrow
The goal is much too narrow.
(GUINEA - 1997)

Wrong colours
Rainbow with inverted colours
(ISRAEL - 1979)

Wrong tower
Wrong representation of the small middle tower.
(GERMANY - 2001)

The Greek goddess Niké with mordern sportshoes.
(POLAND - 1994)

Wrong colour
The Aconitum pyrenaicum has yellow flovers, contrary to other species of the same family with blue flowers..
(FRANCE - 1983)

Wrong lcation
This is not the Cascade de Doubs but the source de Lison.
(FRANCE - 2007)

Wrong position
The equator does not cross the American continent in Middle-America, but lower.

Wrong shape
Soccerball with one 6-sided tile, while the other ones are 5-sided.
(CHILE - 1987)

Wrong position
Wrong : 45°05' - Correct : 46°05'.

Not visible
The right wing of this castel should not be visible. See picture taken from the same position.
(FRANCE - 1969)

The brand of the skis is visible, and this is against the rule that no publicity is allowed on stamps.
(FINLAND - 1988)

Wrong castle
This is not the San Lorenzo Castle in Chagres, but the San Geronimo castle in Portobelo.
(PANAMA - 1915)

Too small
The size of the head is much too small comparing to the books.
(LAO - 1988)

Wrong place
This is not the Tourist center of Dschang, but the citygate of Foumban.
(CAMEROON - 1981)

Wrong castel
The castel in the backhground is not the Bari-castel, but the Andria-castel.

Addditional engine
The Zeppelin which passed over Berlin in 1936 had only four engines, not five.
(MALAGASY - 1976)

Not correct
Chess at the Olympic games ? And by the way, a chessboard is always positioned with a dark square in the left corner, not in the right one.

Wrong proportions
The relative sizes and de position of the inner planets and the sun are not respected. And where is the moon ?

Four years later
This locomotive was not built in 1840, but in 1844.
(POLAND - 1976)

Inverted view, the steering bar is at the wrong side of this locomotive.
(POLAND - 1976)

Not the right one
This is not the first balloon that was used for the first flight in 1783, but one that was built some years later.
(POLAND - 1981)

Wrong environment
The designer of this stamp hos probably never visited the Eiffel tower.
(NIGER - 1989)

Wrong grip
The grip on the javelin is much too close to the end, and strange olympic rings.

There is no atmosphere and thus no oxygen on the moon, how explain the impressive flame during the landing process ?
(BARBADOS - 1989)

Wrong colours
The colors of this ship from the Greek Chandris lines are not correct.
(GREECE - 1967)

Wrong disposition
The disposition of the conductor and the different instruments is completely oout of sense.
(CANADA - 1984)

Missing lasts
The first Canadian steamer, built by J. Molson, was also equipped with two masts.
(CANADA - 1986)

Additional wheels
The stamp designer added two extra wheels at te rear of this class 151 06-0T engine.

Wrong map
The Persian Gulf was omitted on the stamp.
(YEMEN - 1954)

Wrong piano
The black and white keys on a piano are not equally disposed.
(ROMANIA - 1962)

Wrong representation
Wrong representation of this building : the stairs cover only one gate, not three.

Wrong tour
This stamp shows neither the tour of 1903, neither the tour of 1953
(FRANCE - 1953)

Not correct
The eagle owl (Bubu bubo) lays her eggs directly on the rocks, without nest, and the ears are not yet developed on the new born young owls.
(SWEDEN - 1989)

Too low
In pole vault competitions, a normal jump is far above 4 meters. Thus the bar should not have been visible on the stamp.
(GABON - 1992)

Mirror image
As this conductor was right handed, this is a mirrored portrait
(MALDIVES - 1992)

Wrong representation
Wrong representation of this tower, compare with the picture. The tower in fact is higher and slimmer.

Wrong cheek
Marilyn Monroe had a birthmark on her right cheek, not on the left side