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Diving competition in open water !
Diving in open water with a yacht in the background (the diver is positioned on a diving board, and not on a starting block!) is certainly not conform to the Olympic Games standards !
(MONACO - 1948)

Painful dive
This woman is much too close to the water surface, this dive will end very painfully.
(ICELAND - 1955)

Missing cap
In waterpolo, the players always wear a head cap, to show clearly which team they belong to.
(HUNGARY - 1958)

Rudderless sailboat
Sailboat without helm and rudder.

Women waterpolo
A waterpolo competition for women was certainly not organised at the Olympic games of Los Angeles in 1984.
(NICARAGUA - 1984)

Wrong position
Too close to the end for a running jump, too far for a standing jump.

Strange swimmer
All swimmers are crawling, except one who is butterfly stroking.

Against the rules
A wind-surfer in swimming suit is against the rules : life jackets are obligatory during a contest.
(CHINA - 1983)

Wrong caps.
In waterpolo, the teams always wear black or white caps, the goalkeepers a red one.

This dive from the wrong side of the springboard will not end up in water but on the hard ground

Missing blocs
Swimcompetition without starting blocs.
(IVORY COAST - 1961)

Too high
The highest level in diving is 10 meter, the diver here seems a least 30m above the water surface.
(FUJEIRA - 1972)

Strange competition
Swimmers without cap : one of them is already swimming while the other one is still waiting to start

Wrong position
The riggers holding the oars should be above water level.

Clean or not ?
Is is obvious that this swimmer has to urgently perform a doping test.
(CYPRUS - 1996)

Wrong colour
The red cap with number 1 is reserved for the goalkeeper.
(ITALY - 1994)

Missing riggers
Missing riggers to fix the oars.
(GREECE - 1983)

This canoetist is making a very strange paddle-action.

Strange position
The paddles seem to be hold behind the neck.

Mixed competition
Wrong representation of the Olympic rings, and mixed swim competition with men and women.

Wrong team
This stamp illustrates a rowing event not, as might be expected, with the rowing four which had won a gold medal for the Federal Republic at Munich, but with the rowing four of the D.D.R.
(GERMANY - 1976)

Wrong direction
The swimmers are crossing the lanes instead of following them.
(INDONESIA - 1988)

Head is too small comparing to the body. And a strange competition, without boat and competing with a swan.

Wrong number
An Olympic rowing competition with three rowers does not exist.
(FUJEIRA - 1972)

Two errors
No starting blocs and wrong starting position.

Too big
The rower is much too big for the boat.
(POLAND - 1955)

Impossible position
Impossible position of this rowers.
(RUSSIA - 1968)

Not présent
Waterpolo for women was not a competition at the Summer Olympic Games in 1956.

Wrong design
Wrong rigger design
(YEMEN - 1980)

Not enough space
This sculller is unable to stretch his legs!

Not a the Olympic Games
In the women 8 rowing competition at the Olympic Games in Sydney, each rower has only one oar (4 at each side of the boat).
(NIGER - 2000)

With full sails and no visible crew, so cloge to the border, is at least unusual.

Much too late
Why is this swimster still waiting, as all the others have already leaved their starting blocks ?

Missed start
The swimmer in the front lane has obviously missed her start, and is falling directly in the water.
(MALAGASY - 1980)

Too far
There is no reason why the feet are not close to the edge of the starting block.
(BULGARIA - 1964)

Different rowcompetitions in one race
(ALGERIA - 2012)

Missing paddles
The rowing ^paddles at the right side should have been visible.
(ITALY - 2008)

Too high
The highest platform for diving at the Olympic Games is 10 meter. The way the stamp was designed, it seems at least 50 meter.
(LESOTHO - 1988)

Strange start
Strange way to start a cometition for a well trained swimmer.
(GREECE - 1989)

Different styles
Two different row styles in the same competition
(IVORY COAST - 1968)

Not present
A speedboat competition at the Olympic Games ? Not yet.

Strange number
There is really no reason to put a number on the ball !
(NICARAGUA - 1888)

Too close
This diver is much too close to the water surface, this dive will end very painfully.
(ROMANIA - 1945)

Still dry
Despite this swimmer does not wear a cap, his hair is still dry.
(KAMPUCHEA - 1983)

Missing rower
Olympic competitions with three rowers do not exist.
(JERSEY - 1996)

Dry water ?
Swimcompetition with long air that remains dry !

Wrong position
Wrong start position of the diver - wrong representation of the olympic rings