Errors with or in overprints

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Folded stamp during printing.
As the paper was folded when this stamp was overprinted, the red overprint partially appears on the gummed side of the stamp.

PNNEY instead of PENNY.
PNNEY instead of PENNY in the overprint on the right stamp.
(MALTA - 1900)

Wrong country name
Wrong overprint BABRUDA was corrected into BARBUDA

Wrong country name
Wrong overprint : LSEOTHO instead of LESOTHO

Wrong value.
The postal rates increased from 4T to 5T when this stamp was printed. Some stamps with the wrong value however came into circulation.

Wrong date
This conference, foreseen in 1971, took place in 1972. The stamps with a red 1971 overprint were withdrawn and replaced by stamps with a red 1972 overprint. However some stamps escaped their destruction
(CEYLON - 1972)

Wrong name
In the overprint the name of princess Alexandra was first misspelt Alexandria

Two overprints
Two overprints : the first one to change the value of the stamp to 5 Cents, the second one to One. Cents still appears in the plural.

Double overprint
Double overprint on hungarian stamp

Missing letter
Missing letter R of République in the overprint

Inverted overprint
Inverted overprint : the old value of the stamp is still visible.

Inverted overprint
Inverted overprint

Missing countryname
Former British stamps overprinted and used by GUYANA to mark the independence attained in 1966. On one stamp in every sheet, the overprint GUYANA is missing and substitued by 1966 (upper left)
(GUYANA - 1967)

One of the stamps shows the overprint BABRUDA instead if BARBUDA
(BARBUDA - 1976)

Wrong overprint
Wrong : Edhigburgh - Correct : Edingburgh

Overprint shift
Left shift of the overprint
(ZAIRE - 1961)

Inverted overprint
Inverted overprint CONGO.

Error in name
Wrong : TOMANEN - Correct name of the winner is Jouko TÖRMÄNEN

Keep it cheap
An overprint every two stamps to face a tariff change, not an common solution.
(BELGIUM - 1921)

Typing error
In the overprint on one stamp, 1874 is written I874. Correct on the other stamp.

Hidden error
33th anniversary instead of 46th. The error was detected and the wrong figure hidden by a golden strip.

Missing dot ?
Overprint with or without a dot ?
(ICELAND - 1922)

Wrong birthyear
Overprint Hammarskjoeld 1904-1961. His correct name is Hammarsköld and he was born in 1905
(JORDAN - 1961)

Bad place
Bad location for an overprint that is almost not visible.
(LESOTHO - 1980)

Wrong date
Stamp issued in 1923 for the inauguration of the Postal Air Services. The lanch was however postponed until the following year. Meanwhile there had been a change in currency : the surcharge conviently covered most of the wrong date.
(RUSSIA - 1923)

Missing letter
Wrong overprint : GRIFFTH instead of GRIFFITH.
(AITUTAKI - 1988)

Inverted overprint
Private issue celebrating the end of World War II. Inverted overprint and corrected stamps.
(BELGIUM - 1950)

Double overprint
Double overprint
(INDIA - 1971)

Overprint shift
Chain stamp with misplaced overprint, half on the stamp, half on the horizontal tab.
(GREECE - 1920)

Inverted overprint
Stamp with inverted and correct 'Red Cross' overprint.
(GREECE - 1937)

Wrong letter
OFFICIAI instead of OFFICIAL in overprint.

Error in overprint
Wrong abbreviation in overprint : ANV instead of ANNIV.

Missing 5
Omitted 5 in the overprint.
(PARAGUAY - 1907)

M or m ?
According to the German spelling rules, the M of 'Mark' should be capitalized. This was corrected on later issues.
(MEMEL - 1922)

Capita letter
According to the German spelling rules, the P of 'Pfennig' should be capitalized. This was corrected on later issues.
(MEMEL - 1922)

One wrong letter
Error in overprint. Wrong : KETAHKOTAAN - Correct : KEMAHKOTAAN.
(JOHORE - 1891)

Missing value
Missing 4c in the overprint of one stamp of every sheet.
(BARBADOS - 1972)

Wrong value
The intended overprint was '.35' . On one stamp of every sheet appears aa wrong overprint '.33' .
(SRI LANKA - 1980)

Mixed letters
Pre-cancel error : OIHO instead of OHIO.

Second overprint
U.S. Postal card with a second inverted 1 CENT overprint in the left low corner.

Upside down
Inverted overprint

Upside down
Inverted overprint
(LIBERIA - 1921)

Missing plane
The little plane is missing in the overprint of one of the stamps.

Inverted overprints.
(RUSSIA - 1919)

Inverted overprint.

Wrong character
* instead of - between the figures on the overprint.

Wrong character
/ instead of - between the figures on the overprint.

Wrong character
. instead of - between the figures in the overprint.

Wrong figure
Overprint in local writing first showed a 2, and was afterwards corrected in a 4.
(INDOCHINA - 1919)

Dot in overprint
Missing dot or additional dot ? Not clear, but at least one of the overprints is not correct.
(GIBRALTAR - 1964)

Inverted letter
Inverted E in overprint - Wrong and correct stamp.
(GREECE - 1936)

Double overprint

Double overprint
(GUATEMALA - 1900)

Inverted overprint.

Stamp with inverted overprint.
(COSTA RICA - 1911)

Wrong side
Overprint of a Pétain-stamp with a Lothringer cross. The lower bar however is on the right side, not on the left.
(FRANCE - 1944)

Wrong side
Stamp with and without offset on the gummed side.

Inverted overprint
Stamp of the Österreiches Feldpost with inverted and correct overprint.
(POLAND - 1918)

Wrong star
Various Turkish stamps were overprinted with a six-pointed Christian star instead of the five-pointed islam star. This was corrected in later overprints.
(TURKEY - 1915)

Upside down overprint
A change from 2F40 to 2F50 by an overprint seemed not successful, due to an inversion of this overprint.

Inverted overprint
The overprint had to hide the old facial value ... but was printed inverted on the stamp.

Inverted overprint
Fiscal stamp with inverted overprint.
(GUATEMALA - 1890)

Small letter
Small O in ONE on this red overprint.
(DOMINICA - 1916)

Not valid
Stamps marked 'SPECIMEN' are not valid for postal use, but were accepted here on a registered mail.
(SWEDEN - 1986)

Wrong overprint
Sheets were overprinted to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Prince Charles. On some sheets, the overprint is 1948-1948 instead of 1948-1988.
(GUYANA - 1988)

Wrong value
Sheetlet of 7 stamps, incorrectly surcharged $1.60 instead of $1.50.
(NEVIS - 1985)

Lack of imagination
What a lack of imagination : emphazise the destruction of the city of Agadir by an earthquake with a red cross overprint on an existing stamp.
(MOROCCO - 1960)

Wrong city
A first stamp showed (see right side) Istanbul instead of Ankara as the location for this international meeting. The error was corrected by an overprint.

Mixed up
Dances were mixed up between two stamps : Dance KANTERE and Dance des POANS. A corrected stamp was issued.
(CAMBODIA - 1988)

Mixed up
Dances were mixed up between two stamps : Dance KANTERE and Dance des POANS. A corrected stamp was issued.
(CAMBODIA - 1988)

Wrong colour
Those stamps were ordered with a red overprint, but delivered with a black one. Most of the stamps were destroyed.
(NEPAL - 1960)

Upside down
One of these overprints was put upside down, up to you to decide whitch one.

Upside down
One of these overprints was put upside down.